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2017 International Seniors Bowling Tour Schedule & Champions


The 2017 International Seniors Bowling Tour for men and women age 50 and older will consist of 11 tournaments in six countries, three in Germany and France, two in Belgium and one each in Belgium, England and Italy.

In each event, men and women bowl in separate divisions. Age bonus starts at age 51 (1 pin per game), then increases a pin for every additional year of age with no limit.

The ISBT Masters Finals for the 2016 season was held on March 13 in Osnabrück, Germany, in conjunction with the season-opening Arthur’s 12th Senior Open at Vegas Bowling.

The 2017 ISBT will conclude with the Zeeland Senior Open
Nov. 29 – Dec. 3 at Bowling Goes in Goes, Netherlands.

2017 ISBT Men’s Champions:
2 – Christer Danielsson, Sweden
1 – Roger Pieters, Belgium
Hermann Wimmer, Germany
Robert Vallons, Belgium
Ron Oldfield, England
Amedeo Spada, Italy
Gary Barlow, England

2017 ISBT Women’s Champions:
1 – Liliane Vintens, Belgium
Brigitte Fievet, France
Nadia Goron, France
Daniella Buzzelli, Italy
Bianca Völkl-Brandt, Germany
Kimberley Oakley, England
Janne Monsen, Norway
Sandra Boswell, England

2017 International Seniors Bowling Tour – Schedule & Champions

2017 ISBT #1
Arthur’s 12th Senior Open
Vegas Bowling in Osnabrück, Germany (March 5-12, 2017)
Men’s Champion: Christer Danielsson, Sweden
Women’s Champion: Liliane Vintens, Belgium

ISBT Masters Finals for 2016
Vegas Bowling in Osnabrück, Germany (March 13, 2017)
Men’s Champion: Carlo Greulich, Germany
Women’s Champion: Martina Beckel, Germany

2017 ISBT #2
6th Alsace Senior Open
Cristal Bowling in Wittelsheim, France (April 27-30, 2017)
Men’s Champion: Christer Danielsson, Sweden
Women’s Champion: Brigitte Fievet, France

2017 ISBT #3
Paris Senior Open 2017
La Factory in Moussy Le Neuf, France (May 24-28, 2017)
Men’s Champion: Roger Pieters, Belgium
Women’s Champion: Nadia Goron, France

2017 ISBT #4
Italy Senior Open
Reno Bowling in Bologna, Italy (June 2-11, 2017)
Men’s Champion: Hermann Wimmer, Germany
Women’s Champion: Daniella Buzzelli, Italy

2017 ISBT #5
6th Senior Open Dream-Bowl Böblingen
Dream-Bowl Böblingen in Böblingen, Germany (July 8-16, 2017)
Men’s Champion: Robert Vallons, Belgium
Women’s Champion: Bianca Völkl-Brandt, Germany

2017 ISBT #6
12th Dutch Senior Open
Sportcity Bowling in Nieuwegein, Netherlands (August 2-6, 2017)
Men’s Champion: Ron Oldfield, England
Women’s Champion: Kimberley Oakley, England

2017 ISBT #7
4th Senior Open Dream-Bowl Palace
Dream-Bowl Palace in Munich, Germany (August 5-12, 2017)
Men’s Champion: Amedeo Spada, Italy
Women’s Champion: Janne Monsen, Norway

2017 ISBT #8
Stroud Senior Open
Stroud Bowl in Stroud, England (Sept. 13-17, 2017)
Men’s Champion: Gary Barlow, England
Women’s Champion: Sandra Boswell, England

2017 ISBT #9
French Senior Open
Planet Bowling in Lomme, France (Oct. 18-22, 2017)

2017 ISBT #10
Flanders Senior Open
Euro Bowling in Deurne, Belgium (Oct. 31-Nov. 5, 2017)

2017 ISBT #11
Zeeland Senior Open
Bowling Goes in Goes, Netherlands (Nov. 29-Dec. 3, 2017)

Author: Herbert Bickel

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