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Paeng bags 124th masters title

Republished courtesy of Manila Bulletin Publishing Corporation (March 6, 2012)

20100330PaengNepomuceno_small.jpgSix-time world champion Rafael "Paeng" Nepomuceno (pictured) reached another milestone in his bowling career last Sunday by winning his 124th Masters title in a 40-year span. Maintaining the form he displayed in 1972 when he recorded his first Masters victory, the 55-year-old Nepomuceno toppled former world titlist and Asian Games gold medalist Biboy Rivera, 2-0 (255-211 and 226-208), to capture the first ABC-Boysen Open crown at the E-Lanes Bowling Center in Greenhills, San Juan.



Kim Bolleby wins back-to-back titles and almost $50,000 in Doha and Dubai

2012DubaiQatarKimBolleby_small.jpg Kim Bolleby won two consecutive tournaments in Arabia, the 3rd Dubai International Bowling Tournament and the H.H. The Emir's Cup 2012, which earned the Swede almost $50,000 prize money. Bolleby won the tournament in Dubai on Feb. 25th, worth $16,300, from top seed and also finished second in the Under-23 division to pocket another $3,540. One week later in Doha, Bolleby defeated England's PBA champions, Dominic Barrett and Stuart Williams, on his way to the title and the $27,000 top prize.



International Bowling Championship in Japan offers total prize fund of $375,000

2012 World Bowling Tour event pays $75,000 each for the men's and women's champion; $125,000 extra prize for every 300 game in the stepladder finals; deadline to enter is Jan. 10 or when the number of participants reaches 112

20111019IBC2012PressConference_small.jpgOn a press conference on Wednesday Oct. 19th, Kyohei Akagi, chairman of the organizing committee informed, has announced that the International Bowling Championship 2012 supported by DHC, which will be part of the 2012 World Bowling Tour, will offer total prize fund of 30 million Yen or approx. 375,000 U.S. Dollars, the second-highest prize fund in the sport of tenpin bowling. The men's and women's champion each will receive $75,000.



Paeng's showbiz connection

By Ricardo F. Lo of The Philippine Star (Oct. 8, 2011)

20111008PaengNepomucenoGBWRcertificates_small.jpgAs it is with politics, showbiz has ceased to be sports' strange bedfellow and has become its inseparable partner, not only in the romance department but also in the playing field. Boots Anson-Roa, executive director of MOWELFUND, and Puyat Sports Group probably saw this happy partnership when they thought of holding the Paeng Celebrity Bowling for Mowelfund, a special fund-raising event set for Thursday, Oct. 13, 2 p.m. to 7 p.m., at Paeng's Eastwood Bowl in Libis, Quezon City.

2011 World Bowling Tour #7


Jason Belmonte shoots two 300 games en route to win PTT Tournament in Thailand

PBA bowlers win more than fifty per cent of the $132,000 prize fund

201011PBA12JasonBelmonte_small.jpgJason Belmonte (pictured left) of Australia rolled his second 300 game in the finals of the PTT Thailand Tournament 2011 in the deciding match against Michael Fagan (right), United States to win the title and the one million baht top prize (approx. $32,258). The two-hander from Down Under fired the first perfecto in the last game of the Round of 20 to rocket from 9th place to first en route to earn the No. 1 seed for the eight-player stepladder finals. Fagan, who had to defeat Belmonte twice to win the title, easily won the first game, 300-211, but Belmonte rebounded with his second perfecto to seal the victory, 300-205.



Ryan Ciminelli wins qualifying in World Bowling Tour's PTT Tournament in Thailand

Six PBA professionals among the top 8, who earn two byes for the finals


Ryan Ciminelli (pictured), United States, averaged 251.56 for nine games to win the qualifying of the PTT Thailand Tournament 2011, a World Bowling Tour event, at Blu-O Paragon bowling center in Bangkok, Thailand. The one-time PBA champion from Cheektowaga, N.Y. combined his three highest three-game qualifying series of 814, 737 and 713 to lead a field of 83 players with 2264 pinfall total. Six out of the top eight players, who will bypass the first two rounds of the finals were PBA professionals. A total of 42 players survived the first cut.



PBA star Tommy Jones dedicates Korea Cup victory to his late father

Defeats fellow PBAer Parker Bohn III for 30 million Korean Won top prize

2011KoreaCupParkerBohnTommyJones_small.jpgAn emotional Tommy Jones (r.) of Simpsonville, S.C., dedicated his victory in the DSD Samho Korea Cup International Open at Homeplus Asiad Bowling Center Friday to the memory of his father, who died five days earlier after a lengthy battle with cancer. Jones, seeded fouth, won four consecutive matches on his way to the title. In the championship match, he defeated PBA Hall of Famer Parker Bohn III (l.) of Jackson, N.J., 237-225, to pocket 30 million South Korean Won (approx. USD26,325).

Korea (2011 World Bowling Tour #6)


Jeong Seung-Joo comes from behind to win Daejeon International Bowling Tournament

Daejeon World Cup Stadium Bowling Center in Daejeon, Korea (Aug. 8-26, 2011)

2011DeajeonJeongSeungSoo2_small.jpg2011DeajeonKimYoungKwan3_small.jpg In an all-Korean TV Stepladder final, third seeded Jeong Seung-Joo (l.) won three consecutive matches to claim the title in the World Bowling Tour's Daejeon International Bowling Tournament, Friday afternoon in Daejeon, Korea. In the title match, Seung-Joo defeated Korea Professional Bowlers Association member Kim Young-Kwan (r.), 229-188, to earn 50 million Korean Won or approximately USD46,000.



Kim Young-Kwan earns No. 1 seed for all-Korean finals at Daejeon International

Smith, Koivuniemi miss stepladder finals in 7th and 8th place

2011DeajeonKimYoungKwan_small.jpgKim Young-Kwan (KPBA) posted an 8-4 won-lost record in match play en route to earn the No. 1 seed for the TV stepladder finals in the Daejeon International Bowling Tournament Friday at Daejeon World Cup Stadium Bowling Center in Daejeon, Korea. Young-Kwan had the 15th 300 game of the main event and the 36th overall en route to 8886 pinfall total including 240 bonus. The TV finals will be an all-Korean affair as Robert Smith, United States, Mika Koivuniemi, Finland, and Japanese bowler, Sasaki Tomoyuki, missed the cut to the top 6.



Korean woman leads top 12 into round robin match play in Daejeon International

Smith falls to fifth place; Koivuniemi rolls back-to-back 300s to leap to ninth place

2011DeajeonJeonGueAe_small.jpgJeon Gui-Ae (pictured), Korea, posted the highest six-game series in the Round of 48 en route to lead the top 12 players into round robin match play in the Daejeon International Bowling Tournament in Korea. Gui-Ae had 1553 including handicap to leap from fifth to first place with 5876 24-game total. 18-game leader Robert Smith, United States, fell to fifth place with 5815, while Mika Koivuniemi, Finland, made the cut in ninth place thanks to back-to-back 300 games. The top 6 after 12 games round robin advance to the TV stepladder finals.



Kim Kyung-Min takes over second round lead in Daejeon International

PBA champions Koivuniemi, Smith in second and third heading into the final round before the cut to top 48

2011DeajeonMikaKoivuniemi2_small.jpg2011DeajeonRobertSmith_small.jpgKim Kyung-Min of Korea averaged 241 in the second round of the finals to overtake the lead in the Daejeon International Bowling Tournament Tuesday in Daejeon, Korea with 2926 total and an average of 243.83 for 12 games. With the final six games before the cut to the top 48 to go on Wednesday, PBA champions Mika Koivuniemi (l.), Finland, and Robert Smith (r.), United States, sit in second and third place with 2917 and 2905, respectively.



Mika Koivuniemi sets the pace in the finals of the Daejeon International in Korea

PBA Player of the Year averages 252.50 to take first round lead

2011EBT11MikaKoivuniemi_small.jpgReigning PBA Player of the Year and World Bowling Tour men's ranking leader, Mika Koivuniemi, total 1515 pins and averaged 252.50 to overtake the lead after the first round of the finals in the Daejeon International Bowling Tournament. The field of 225 players was split into three squads to bowl three rounds of six games at Daejeon World Cup Stadium Bowling Center in Daejeon, Korea before the cut to the top 48. Kim Min-Seon currently holds the 48th and last place to advance with 1363 and an average of 227.17 including handicap. The finals continue Tuesday with Round Two.



Park Geun-Woo leads top 125 qualifiers into the main event at Daejeon International

Six 800 series and more than twenty 300 games rolled in qualifying

2011DeajeonOpenLogo.jpg Park Geun-Woo of Gyeongsangbuk-Do won the qualifying in the World Bowling Tour's Daejeon International Bowling Tournament currently underway at Daejeon World Cup Stadium Bowling Center in Daejeon, South Korea. Geun-Woo had the most consistent three-games series of all competitors with 800, 799 and 794 to lead a field of 325 Korean bowlers with 2393 total and an average of 265.89. The top 125 qualifiers will join a group of one hundred seeded players in the finals.



2nd All Japan Primary School Bowling Tournament features record 196 boys and girls

Coaching session prior to the tournament attracts 305 players

2011PSTBoys6thgrade_small.jpgAfter the great success of the inaugural national bowling tournament for primary school students in 2010, the second edition was held August 8-9, 2011 in the same venue, Inazawa Grand Bowl, Aichi, Japan, the biggest bowling center in the world with 116 lanes on one floor. This year's tournament was organized by the Japan Bowling Congress (JBC) in cooperation with other member organization of the Bowling Council of Japan (BCJ). 196 boys and girls qualified from all over Japan for the event.



Park Kyung-Shin shoots 812 three-game series to leap into second place in Korea

Park Geun-Woo continues to lead qualifying field of 320 Korean bowlers

2011DeajeonOpenLogo2.jpg Professional bowler Park Kyung-Shin rolled the third 800 series of the Daejeon International Bowling Tournament Thursday at Daejeon World Cup Stadium Bowling Center in Daejeon, Korea. Kyung-Shin chalked up 812 and added 799 and 747 for 2358 nine-game total, an average of 262, to leap into second place in the overall qualifying standings. Park Geun-Woo of Gyeongsangbuk-Do continued to lead the field of 320 players - all from Korea - with 2393.



Park Geun-Woo widens his lead in Daejeon International Bowling Tournament

Adds 799 series to lead field of 303 with 2393 nine-game total (265.89)

2011DeajeonOpenLogo2.jpg Park Geun-Woo widened his lead in Daejeon International Bowling Tournament Wednesday at Daejeon World Cup Stadium Bowling Center in Daejeon, Korea, when he added a 799 three game series to his high series of 800 and 794. Geun-Woo leads the field of 303 Korean bowlers with 2393 nine-game total and an average of 265.89. Two Korean women sit in second and third place in the current standings. Qualifying for the international participants runs from Aug. 18-20.

South Korea


Daejeon International Bowling Tournament is underway in Korea

Daejeon World Cup Stadium Bowling Center in Daejeon, Korea (Aug. 8-26, 2011)

2011DeajeonOpenLogo.jpg The Daejeon International Bowling Tournament, the sixth stop of the inaugural World Bowling Tour, is underway at Daejeon World Cup Stadium Bowling Center in Daejeon, Korea. The tournament organized by the Korea Professional Bowling Association (KPBA) offers total prize money of 200 million South Korean Won or approximately 186.720 U.S. Dollar with 50 million going to the winner. After ten days of qualifying for local bowlers, Park Geun-Woo leads the field of 297 Korean bowlers with 2388 nine-game total and an average of 265.33.



Champions crowned at 35th All Japan Junior High and High School Championships

2011JPNHSChampions_small.jpgFor the 35th year, the Japanese Junior High School Championships and High School Championships were contested during the summer holidays in July. The JOC Cup 35th All Japan High School Championships was held from July 25-26 at Shinagawa Prince Hotel Bowling Center in Tokyo. Toshiki Kudo (l) from First High School attached to Hachinohe Institute of Technology and Mitsuki Okamoto (r.) from Fukuoka Daiichi H.S. both set new records en route to win the titles.



Japan Bowling Congress targets to get Bowling in the Olympic Program for 2020

Tokyo's bid for the 2020 Games could offer another chance for Bowling to be included in the Summer Olympics

2011100thAnniversaryShintaroIshihara_small.jpg In conjunction with 100th anniversary of the Japan Sports Association and the Japanese Olympic Committee, the Olympic Council of Asia (OCA) General Assembly was held in Tokyo. Among the attendees was IOC president Count Dr. Jacques Rogge (r.). During the ceremony Shintaro Ishihara, Governor of Tokyo Metropolitan City (center), has announced that Tokyo will bid to host the Summer Olympic Games in the year 2020, which could offer another chance for bowling to get into the Olympics.



Yannaphon Larp-apharat, New Hui Fen roll 192 games to win 9th Indonesia Open

Jaya Ancol Bowling Center in Jakarta, Indonesia (July 19-25, 2011)

2011INAOpenNewHuiFenYannaphonLarpapharat_small.jpgYannaphon Larp-apharat (r.) of Thailand and Singapore's New Hui Fen (l.) both rolled a 192 game en route to win the men's and women's open masters titles in the 9th Indonesia Open Monday at Jaya Ancol Bowling Center in Jakarta, Indonesia. Yannaphon earned 150 million Indonsian Rupees for his second victory in three weeks while Hui Fen pocketed 50 million Rupees for her first career international title. The top 16 Asian men and women advanced to Tuesday's final leg of the 2011 Asian Bowling Federation Tour.

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