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Elite keglers to compete in only selected US tournaments By Rajes Paul

Republished courtesy of Malaysia Star - Malaysia (Feb. 3, 2009)

20080902CheahBanCheng_small.jpg Malaysia's elite men and women bowlers will only compete in selected tournaments in the United States this year because of reduced funding. Team manager Cheah Ban Cheng (pictured) views this positively, saying it would make the bowlers even more determined to prove themselves against the professionals. The National Sports Council (NSC), the fund providers, have agreed to let the Malaysian Tenpin Bowling Congress (MTBC) send the bowlers for a limited number of competitions in the US.



Paeng to battle world's best in England By Joaquin Henson

Republished courtesy of The Philippine Star - Philippines (Feb. 4, 2009)

20090204PaengNepomuceno_small.jpg Paeng Nepomuceno joins an elite cast of 8 top international bowlers disputing the first prize at the World Tenpin Masters in Barnsley, England, on April 17-19 and the Hall of Famer said he’s feeling stronger than ever after celebrating his 52nd birthday last Friday. “I’ll definitely be the oldest in the tournament,” said Nepomuceno who is bidding for his seventh world title. “All or most of my contemporaries have long retired." Nepomuceno, who holds three Guinness world records, is a certified bowling coach and USBC ambassador.



Teenager Li Jane simply thrives on challenges

Republished courtesy of Malaysia Star - Malaysia (Jan. 26, 2009)

20090126SinLiJanewithFamily_small.jpg Youngster Sin Li Jane (front left, with her family) knows it will take a lot of courage and hardship for her to make the squad for the World Championships for Women in Las Vegas in August. But the 17-year-old is unfazed. In fact, she is hoping to make an early impression on national chief coach Holloway Cheah by doing well in two international tournaments in March. Li Jane will compete in the DHC Cup Women Bowling Championships in Tokyo from March 6-8 and the Malaysian Open at the Pyramid Mega Lanes from March 13-21.



Syafiq proves his mettle again By Ajitpal Singh

Republished courtesy of New Straits Times - Persekutuan, Malaysia (Jan. 26, 2009)

2008BevidaSyafiqRidhwan_small.jpg 20090126KangBoLong_small.jpg Newly crowned national champion Syafiq Ridhwan (l.) proved that he is currently the hottest bowler in the national men's team when he stunned his more experienced peers to win the USBC Masters' five-day local trial. Syafiq, who was promoted to the elite squad on Jan 1, posted a 30-game score of 6,489 pinfalls to win. Back-up bowler Kang Bo Long (r.) also turned in a superb performance to finish second. However, Bo Long will not represent the country in the USBC Masters as the MTBC decided to name only elite bowlers for the tournament.



Cheryl set to make quick progress into back-up team By Ajitpal Singh

Republished courtesy of New Straits Times - Persekutuan, Malaysia (Jan. 19, 2008)

Youth bowler Cheryl Cheong has caught the eye of national coach Holloway Cheah and she may be up for a second promotion since the start of the year. Cheryl, who was roped into the national youth squad on Jan 1, will be recommended for promotion into the back-up squad today. National Holloway Cheah said Cheryl is a talented bowler and she illustrated it with a fine performance in the recent national championships.



Sunday Guest with Esther Cheah: Stepping into the unknown is a challenge I relish

Republished courtesy of New Straits Times - Persekutuan, Malaysia (Jan. 18, 2008)

20090118EstherCheah_small.jpg To tell you the truth, I will be in unknown territory when I don my university colours for the men's team in collegiate tournaments. Of course I'm really excited but also slightly worried. I don't really know what to expect and the format of play will also be foreign to me. However, it's a challenge I'm ready to take. In fact, I'm determined to make a name for myself when it starts. But the stint is not all about improving my skills and game, it's also about keeping my diet and fitness in check.



No-go for pension scheme By Ajitpal Singh

Republished courtesy of New Straits Times - Persekutuan, Malaysia (Jan. 16, 2009)

20090116DatukZolkplesEmbong_small.jpg The federal government [of Malaysia] will not, at least until the world economy recovers, consider offering retirement benefits to athletes in non-Olympic sports. National Sports Council (NSC) director general Datuk Zolkples Embong (pictured) said the budget for sports will skyrocket if such a scheme is introduced for non-Olympic athletes. "At the moment, unfortunately, we are not considering this. We cannot afford to as millions will be spent on just paying out pensions. This is a long term scheme and we cannot afford it for now," said Zolkples yesterday.



Young keglers rank studies above set-up By Ajitpal Singh

Republished courtesy of New Straits Times - Persekutuan, Malaysia (Jan. 16, 2009)

20090116JacquelineSijore_small.jpg National coach Holloway Cheah is facing a recruitment problem in the junior ranks. Despite bowling being a high achieving sport, juniors are not keen on joining the national junior set-up. The Malaysian Tenpin Bowling Congress (MTBC) made offers to several youngsters late last year but only a few responded. This is not good for the development of bowling and Holloway is currently on the look out for young talent in the ongoing Malaysian Interstate Championships in Bandar Sunway. However, even if he identifies a few, it is no guarantee they will join the back-up squad.



What happened to the biggest bowling centers in the world?

InazawaGrandBowl1_small.jpg NagoyaGrandBowl1_small.jpg In January 2006 Bowlingdigital reported that the Castaways Hotel in Las Vegas, Nev., formerly known as 'The Showboat', was flattened. When the building was demolished on January 11, 2006, the history of the biggest bowling center in the United States with 106 lanes came to an end. The Showboat was often called the biggest bowling center in the world but this wasn't true. 156-laner Nagoya Grand Bowl (left) still exists with 52 lanes each on three floor and Inazawa Grand Bowl (right) has 116 lanes on one floor. 



Bowling fails to obtain a five-star rating By Christopher Raj

Republished courtesy of New Straits Times - Persekutuan, Malaysia (Jan. 2, 2009)

20090102TeamMalaysia_small.jpg The rating system for national associations [in Malaysia] has been amended with new scores and is now awaiting approval from Sports Minister Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob. The rating system has many associations worried as how they perform will determine the amount of government funding they will receive in future. The amended rating system was submitted to Ismail, who had earlier called for improvements, last week. Of the 47 associations, only three received five star ratings while 11 received four stars. What surprised many was bowling's failure to obtain a five-star rating.



Aiman ends year with a victory By Ajitpal Singh

Republished courtesy of New Straits Times - Persekutuan, Malaysia (Jan. 1, 2009)

20090101SelangorSuperClassic_small.jpg Muhd Nur Aiman had to wait till the last day of the year to nail his second career Open title in the Selangor Super Classic at the Ampang Superbowl in Subang yesterday. Aiman, who topped the semi-final round with 2,244, defeated Sufian Othman of Diman Superbowl 182-155 in the stepladder final. Prior to this victory, his only Open title was the 2007 Penang Pesta Championships. The win also capped a superb year for Aiman as he also played a pivotal role for the country in the Asian Championships, World Youth Championships and the Commonwealth event.

Hong Kong


Nepomuceno concludes busy coaching year with seminars in Manila, Brunei and Hong Kong

20081220PaengHongKongSilver_small.jpg If there were an election for the "Busiest Coach of the Year" title, Paeng Nepomuceno  (pictured left with the new silver level coaches from Hong Kong) would probably win by a landslide. The Philippine legend and USBC International Bowling Ambassador closed out the year 2008 with seminars in Manila, Philiippines, Brunei Darussalam, Brunei and Hong Kong, China. Paeng's training is part of the USBC effort to create an international coach training program and bolster the strength of federations within bowling's world governing body, the Federation Internationale des Quilleurs (FIQ).



Shalin Zulkifli seals 14-year relationship with Azidi Ameran

Republished courtesy of The Star, Malaysia (Dec. 29, 2008)

20081228ZulkifliAmeranWedding_small.jpg A 14-year relationship was sealed when Malaysia's first female professional bowler Shalin Zulkifli tied the knot with former national bowler Azidi Ameran yesterday. Shalin, 30, and Azidi, 36, hosted a wedding reception with a garden theme for relatives and friends at the Menara TM last night. The five-time national Sports­woman of the Year (1994-96-97-2001-02) will be returning to the United States later this week to resume her campaign on the professional tour.



Defending champion Adrian Ang and rising star Sin Li Jane win the titles in 9th Milo Int'l Junior All Stars Championship

Pyramid Mega Lanes in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (Dec. 19-28, 2008)

2008AsCAdrianAng_small.jpg 2008CTBCSinLiJane_small.jpg Defending champion Adrian Ang (l.) and rising star Sin Li Jane (r.), both Malaysia, claimed the Boys and Girls Open Masters titles in the 9th Milo International Junior All Stars Bowling Championships Sunday at Pyramid Megalanes n Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Ang defeated No. 4 Aaron Kong, Malaysia, in the deciding game, 257-175. In the girls final, top seeded Sin Li Jane secured the title with a 222-183 victory in the first game over No. 2 seed, Esther Cheah, Malaysia.



Fukuoka Dai-ichi, Aomori Prefectural win MEXT Cup - 15th All Japan Inter-High School Championships

Kawasaki Grand Bowl in Kawasaki-Shi, Kanagawa-Ken, Japan (Dec. 19-21, 2008)

2008JPNIHSCGirlsChampion_small.jpg 2008JPNIHSCBoysChampion_small.jpg Shusaku Asato and Yusuke Masumizu (left with team mate Dai Miyagi) of Fukuoka Dai-ichi High School and Rie Sakai and Mio Nebuka (r.) of Aomori Prefectural, Aomori Technical H.S. won the boys and girls titles, respectively, in the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Cup - 15th All Japan Inter-High School Championships which were contested at Kawasaki Grand Bowl in Kawasaki-Shi, Kanagawa-Ken, Japan, from Dec. 19-21, 2008.



Paeng not keen on bowling top post By Marc Anthony Reyes

Republished courtesy of Philippine Daily Inquirer, Philippines (Dec. 21, 2008)

2008ISCPaengNepomuceno_small.jpg Paeng Nepomuceno, four-time World Cup bowling champion and a Hall of Famer, on Saturday declined endorsements for him to run as president of the Philippine Bowling Congress. In a text message from Hong Kong, where he is conducting a coaching conference, Nepomuceno said that while he was moved by the gesture, he would rather help the sport through other means. "I am flattered that I am being considered," said the 51-year-old Nepomuceno. "I am not interested and have to decline."



World champ Jasmine heads junior meet By Lim Teik Huat

Republished courtesy of Malaysia Star - Malaysia (Dec. 17, 2008)

20081217MiloJuniorChampionship_small.jpg AMF World Cup champion Jasmine Yeong Nathan of Singapore will headline the stars on parade for the ninth edition of the Milo World Junior All-Stars Bowling Championships at the Sunway Megalanes in Sunway Pyramid from Dec 21-28. The championships have also become one of the richest junior events in Asia with RM30,000 for the boy's Open Masters champion and RM17,000 for the girls' winner. ther notable top foreign names in the fray are San Marino International Open champion Ghislaine van der Tol of Holland, World Youth Championships doubles gold medallist Tina Hulsch of Germany and Commonwealth Championships double gold medallist Jo Allsebrook of England.



Keglers keep on rocking By Ajitpal Singh

Republished courtesy of New Straits Times - Persekutuan, Malaysia (Dec. 20, 2008)

20081220WendyChai_small.jpg Titles were less but nevertheless Malaysian bowling achieved their best this year and Wendy Chai (pictured left) stands out as the country's top performer for winning the World Ranking Masters. The veteran bowler, despite competing with a nagging knee injury, stunned her more accomplished bowlers to win Malaysia's first world ranking title in Jakarta in April. In total, Malaysian bowlers racked in six 'Open' titles and nine gold medals from the World Youth Championships, Asian Competition and Commonwealth Youth event.



Holloway toughening up the women

Republished courtesy of New Straits Times - Persekutuan, Malaysia (Dec. 10, 2008)

20081210HollowayCheah_small.jpg Holloway Cheah's main focus next year is to ensure the national bowlers make an impact in the Women's World Championships in Las Vegas. And to make sure the bowlers deliver, Holloway has opted to make their lives more difficult in training. He has decided to drill the women on tougher lane patterns by mixing up the oiling in every session. He realises that winning medals at world meets is tougher now after the World Tenpin Bowling Association (WTBA) decided to allow pros into the meets.



Windfall awaits keglers By Ajitpal Singh

Republished courtesy of New Straits Times - Persekutuan, Malaysia (Dec. 1, 2008)

20080902CheahBanCheng_small.jpg National bowlers, from next year, can look forward to a windfall of improved incentive schemes, including retirement benefits and monthly wages, if they produced the desired results. The Malaysian Tenpin Bowling Congress (MTBC) management committee has come up with this these attractive package to ensure bowlers enjoy steady income before and after retirement. MTBC high performance manager Cheah Ban Cheng (l.) confirmed that there will be several changes in next year's squads. Ban Cheng also confirmed that Holloway Cheah's contract as national chief coach will be extended.

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