Guinness World Records honors Paeng Nepomuceno for third time



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    20130302PaengNepomucenoGuinnessWorldRecords.jpg The Guinness World Records has updated Filipino sports legend Paeng Nepomuceno's third record, boosting his career titles to 124 from the previously published 118.

    Among the titles that were added to Nepomucenio's achievements are the 2008 South Pacific Classic in Melbourne, the 2010 Bowling World Cup National Finals and the 2011 Philippine International Open.

    Nepomuceno, who beat current world champion two-handed bowler Jason Belmonte in the South Pacific Classic finals, is the only foreign athlete to win the prestigious event twice. Paeng also holds a unique record of being the youngest Philippine International Masters champion at 17 in 1974 and at 54 in 2011. He has been consistently winning titles since 1972. Paeng's three Guinness World Records are also all unbroken.

    "It's truly a big honor for me and the country to be listed for the third time in the Guinness World Records," said Nepomuceno.

    His other two World Guinness Records are for being the youngest world bowling champion at 19 when he won the Bowling World Cup in Teheran, Iran in 1976 and the second for bagging the world titles in three different decades.

    Paeng won the BWC in 1976, 1980 (in Indonesia) and 1992 (Le Mans, France) and a fourth BWC crown in 1996 in Northern Ireland. To date, he has six world titles.

    Nepomuceno was also named Bowling Athlete of the Millennium by FIQ, the world governing body, in 1999. He is the first male bowling athlete to be enshrined in the World Bowling Hall of Fame, with his life-sized image displayed at the entrance of the Hall of Fame and Museum in Arlington, Texas.

    When not competing, Nepomuceno travels around the world as an international bowling ambassador. He holds a coaching course certification for the United States Bowling Congress.