Finland's Tony Ranta comes from behind to win the H.H. Emir's Cup 2013



    2013EmirCupTonyRanta.jpg2013EmirCupPaulMoor.jpgTony Ranta (pictured left) of Finland, seeded fourth in the playoffs at the H.H. Emir's Cup 2013, won two matches over two games total pinfall en route to win the title and the $25,000.

    In the title match, Ranta won both games against Paul Moor (right) of England, 236-222 and 241-235, for a 477-457 come-from-behind victory.

    Ranta, who beat out his compatriot Mika Koivuniemi, a two-time PBA Player of the Year, for the fourth and last place to advance to the finals by seven pins, eliminated No. 1 seed, Manuel Otalora of Colombia in the semifinals, 451-393, to advance to the title match.

    2013EmirCupManuelOtaloraJassemDarwish.jpgIn the other semifinal match, Moor, seeded third, took care of Jassem Darwish of Kuwait, 443-416. Moor received $12,000 for second place while Otalora and Darwish (pictured right, l-r) pocketed $4,000 apiece for third and fourth place.

    The H.H. Emir's Cup 2013 was held from Sunday, Feb. 24 through Saturday, March 2 at Qatar Bowling Center, a 32-laner in Doha, Qatar. Players competed for total prize money of US$77.800.

    Qualifying (total 16 games) ran over four days (Feb. 25-28; 8 games per day) and has been played in two squads (A and B) with maximum 64 players per squad. A player could choose to play in either Squad A or B or in both squads.

    Total 36 players including the top 28 qualifiers, the next two Qatari youth players, the next two Qatari bowlers and the top four players from the Desperado Squad, advanced to the finals on March 1 & 2. The top six qualifiers earned one bye.

    The other 30 players bowled 8 games scratch with the top 10 advancing to the next round. Those ten and the top six qualifiers rolled another eight-game block scratch to determine the top four players who advanced to the semifinals.

    The No. 1 seed met the No. 4 seed and the No. 2 seed took on the No. 3 seed over two games with the total pin fall to determine the winners, who bowled for the title and 25 Grand in the two-game total pins championship match.


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    H.H. Emir's Cup 2013 Finals

    Qatar Bowling Center in Doha, Qatar (Feb. 24 - March 2, 2013)

     Championship Round:
    1. Tony Ranta, Finland, $25,000
    2. Paul Moor, England, $12,000
    3. Manuel Otalora, Colombia, $4,000
    4. Jassem Darwish, Kuwait, $4,000

    R-L Moor, Ranta, Otalora and Darwish. Click image to enlarge.

    Playoff Results:
    Semifinal Match 1: No. 4 Ranta (235+216) def. No. 1 Otalora (169+224), 451-393
    Semifinal Match 2: No. 3 Moor (196+247) def. No. 2 Darwish (210+206), 443-416
    Championship: Ranta (222+235) def. Moor (236+241), 477-457.


    Final Standings Places 5-36 (Cashers)

    5. Mika Koivuniemi, Finland, $1,600
    6. Rakan Al-Ameeri, Kuwait, $1,600
    7. Mohammed Al-Ragebah, Kuwait, $1,600
    8. Dominic Barrett, England, $1,600
    9. Andrew Frawley, Australia, $1,200
    10. Yaquob Al-Shatti, Kuwait, $1,200
    11. Hussain Al-Suwaidi, UAE, $1,200
    12. Yousif Falah, Bahrain, $1,200
    13. Yousef Al-Jaber, Qatar, $1,200
    14. Basel Al-Anzi, Kuwait, $1,200
    15. Zakareya Al-Zoqari, Qatar, $1,200
    16. Mohammed Al-Saud, Saudi Arabia, $1,200
    17. Mohamed Janahi, Bahrain, $1,000
    18. Jaime Gonzalez, Colombia, $1,000
    19. Mohamed Sultan, Bahrain, $1,000
    20. Hareb Al-Mansoori, UAE, $1,000
    21. Khaled Al-Dubyyan, Kuwait, $1,000
    22. Ahmed Al-Deyab, Qatar, $1,000
    23. Sayed Al-Hashemi, UAE, $1,000
    24. Benshir Layoso, Philippines, $1,000
    25. Shaker Al-Hassan, UAE, $1,000
    26. Abdulla Haroon, Qatar, $1,000
    27. Perttu Jussila, Finland, $1,000
    28. Mansoor Al-Awamy, Qatar, $1,000
    29. Fahad Al-Rageeb, Kuwait, $1,000
    30. Hashim Guinomla, Philippines, $1,000
    31. Kim Bolleby, Sweden, $1,000
    32. Jassem Al-Deyab, Qatar, $1,000
    33. Khaled Al-Doseri, Qatar, $1,000
    34. Mahdi Assaed, Bahrain, $1,000
    35. Abdulrahman Jaideah, Qatar, $1,000
    36. Ahmed Saleh Al-Baker, Qatar, $1,000


    H.H. Emir's Cup 2013 - Round Two Results

    The top 4 players advance to the playoffs.