USBC announces 2010 television series on ESPN2


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    USBCLogow_small.jpgThe United States Bowling Congress and ESPN will partner to bring a series of bowling events to a national television audience in 2010. The agreement calls for a multi-week package of telecasts on ESPN2 beginning in late April.

    The series will include championship-round coverage of USBC's Queens, Intercollegiate Team Championships and U.S. Women's Open tournaments, as well as Bowling's Clash of Champions.

    The agreement brings the ITC finals to a larger platform on ESPN2 and upgrades the U.S. Women's Open from a series of taped broadcasts to a live stepladder finals. The Queens returns again for a live telecast on ESPN2 as part of the agreement. Bowling's Clash of Champions moves to ESPN2 as the only weekend telecast in the series.

    "One of USBC's primary goals is to increase visibility and excitement for the sport of bowling," USBC Vice President of Media Pete Tredwell said. "Moving our collegiate championship to the ESPN family and ensuring both women's majors are live finals is a great step."

    The live stepladder finals of the Queens, which will be contested in a specially constructed bowling arena built for the USBC Women's Championships in El Paso, Texas, will start the series on April 28. A taped broadcast that combines the men's and women's ITC finals follows on May 5. The ITC finals also will be contested at the arena in El Paso.

    The U.S. Women's Open broadcast is scheduled for May 12, live from the new International Training and Research Center in Arlington, Texas. The new training center is currently under construction at the International Bowling Campus with completion scheduled for late 2009.

    "The International Bowling Campus is the focal point for the sport," Tredwell said. "We look forward to showcasing the best female bowlers at the world's ultimate bowling facility on national television."

    Bowling's Clash of Champions again will highlight the winners of USBC major tournaments in a made-for-TV showdown. The event will be taped at the arena in El Paso and is scheduled for broadcast May 8.

    "We feel like the Clash is a valuable way to showcase our USBC champions and needed to be preserved," Tredwell said. "Taping the Clash in conjunction with the ITC as a part of this ESPN2 series allows us to produce the telecast at a fraction of what it cost in the past."

    The agreement also allows for the rebroadcast of each telecast on ESPN at later dates. All announced air dates are subject to change.


    2010 USBC ESPN2 Television Schedule

    • April 28 - USBC Queens
    • May 5 - USBC Intercollegiate Team Championships
    • May 8 - Bowling's Clash of Champions
    • May 12 - U.S. Women's Open