Park Kyung-Shin shoots 812 three-game series to leap into second place in Korea



    Park Geun-Woo continues to lead qualifying field of 320 Korean bowlers

    2011DeajeonOpenLogo2.jpg Professional bowler Park Kyung-Shin rolled the third 800 series of the Daejeon International Bowling Tournament Thursday at Daejeon World Cup Stadium Bowling Center in Daejeon, Korea. Kyung-Shin chalked up 812 and added 799 and 747 for 2358 nine-game total, an average of 262, to leap into second place in the overall qualifying standings.

    Park Geun-Woo of Gyeongsangbuk-Do continued to lead the field of 320 players - all from Korea - with 2393 nine-game total and an average of 265.89. Choi Jin-A is the best woman in the field in third place with 2344 including seven pins handicap each game, a 253.44 scratch average.

    Rounding out the top are Kim Soo-Young and Jeon Gue-Ae with 2331 and 2308, respectively.

    With the final qualifying day to go, Choi Jae-Nam holds the 125th and last spot to advance with 2125 or an average of 236.11.

    WBTLogo.jpgThe Daejeon International Bowling Tournament, the sixth stop of the inaugural World Bowling Tour, will be held at Daejeon World Cup Stadium Bowling Center in Daejeon, Korea, from Aug. 8-26, 2011.

    Daejeon, located in the center of the country, is South Korea's fifth largest metropolis with a population of over 1.5 million in 2010. The Stadium was constructed in preparation for the 2002 FIFA World Cup.

    The tournament organized by the Korea Professional Bowling Association (KPBA) offers total prize money of 200 million South Korean Won (KW) or approximately 186.720 U.S. Dollar. 30 million Won will be distributed in the preliminaries and the remaining 170 million are the payout for the main event.

    The winner will walk away with the 50 million KW top prize or approx. $46.680. The first runner-up receives 25 million with 12 million going to the third-place finisher, while fourth and fifth place are worth 9 and 7 million won, resp.

    All players must complete at least three qualifying blocks of three games for a total of nine games. Unlimited re-entries are allowed. Only the three highest blocks count. Women receive seven pins handicap per game. The top 125 players with the highest nine-game totals will qualify for main event, which will be played from Aug. 21-26 on a 44 feet lane pattern.

    Click here to view the oil pattern (pdf file) for the main event.

    Those 225 players will bowl three blocks of six games over three days on a 44 feet oil pattern to cut to the top 48 who will advance to semifinal round to bowl another six game block with the previous pinfall total being carried forward.

    The top 12 after 24 games advance to twelve games round robin match play to determine the top six players who will make the TV stepladder finals.

    The No. 4, 5 and 6 seed will square off in the opening shoot-out match. The winner takes on the No. 3 seed; the winner of that match bowls the No. 2 seed for the right to bowl the tournament leader for the title.

    The top 50 men and the top 50 women will also earn points for the World Bowling Tour ranking (current standings).


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    Qualifying Standings as of August 19

    Players with position, country, highest three 3-game blocks and 9-game total. Women including seven pins handicap each game. The top 125 will advance to the main event. Courtesy of Asian Bowling Federation.