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African countries establish Bowling Federation of Africa (BFA)


On Wednesday, April 4, a meeting in Cairo, Egypt, took place to inaugurate World Bowling’s Bowling Federation of Africa (BFA). This meeting solidifies the many months of hard work undertaken by World Bowling representatives and key figures of the sport within Africa to establish the governance needed to create the African zone.

Featured photo shows the committee members of the Bowling Federation of Africa.

“The continent of Africa boasts a rich tapestry of first class players, excellent tournaments and pivotal development programs,” World Bowling representative Danny Santos said.

From left: Chairman of the Egyptian Bowling Federation, Ahmed Naser, Chairman of World Bowling Competition Committee, Danny Santos & USCA Chairman, Ahmed Naaser.

“The establishment of the zone is key to our strategic values of extending our sport’s reach and accessibility. We look forward to working with the zone to better create opportunities for the sport within Africa and are very excited to celebrate this monumental occasion.”

During the meeting, the following officers of the Bowling Federation of Africa were elected:

  • President: Mr. Farouk Haridi of Egypt
  • Vice-President: Mrs. Kiley Cassel of South Africa
  • Executive Committee Members: Mr. Khaled Meziou, Chairman of the Tunisian Bowling Federation; Mr. Ali Hassan Jameel, Chairman of the Somalian Bowling Federation; Mr. Abdel Hamid Gamal, Egyptian Bowling Federation.

Herbert Bickel

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