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Bill Taylor and Mark Roth - Friends in Need, Friends Indeed

By Jim Goodwin of Stars & Strikes Magazine

20090630CoachBillTaylor_small.jpgName any two people who had a bigger impact on the sport than Bill Taylor and Mark Roth. Maybe Dick Weber and a handful of others, but there is no question that Bill and Mark literally changed the sport; and we were, and are, lucky enough to call them good friends. There is an old tune by the pop-jazz group Blood, Sweat, and Tears with the lyric "The best you can hope for is to die in your sleep." And that's what Bill Taylor did on his 84th birthday, June 30 in California. He is survived by his wife Margaret, eight children, and bunches of grandchildren.



Nicholson earns 47th Flowers Award By Jim Goodwin

2007FlowersAwardLenNicholson_small.jpg For years, the 2007 Flowers for the Living honoree has had one of the most unenviable jobs in sports. On June 26, during the 2007 International Bowl Expo, the tables were turned in Las Vegas when all the kudos he earned for doing that job so well and under the most trying conditions netted Len Nicholson (on the right) the ‘Flowers’ award. It is an honor presented to someone in bowling who is admired, respected and, indeed, loved.



David Howard waits 26 years to meet boyhood idol Roth by Jim Goodwin

1981 fan letter answered in personal way

2006GBT01MarkRoth.jpg The first week of April, bowling legend Mark Roth and his wife Denise (pictured) traveled to Northrock Lanes in Wichita, Kansas. Roth is seeking his 38th career pro title in the 2007 KR Strikeforce Wichita Open, but the week will be memorable for another reason. A special fan was in the audience cheering for one of the greatest players in the history of the sport.



Hulsey honored in inaugural SBWA 'Just Desserts' Roast

By Jim Goodwin

ColumnistJimGoodwin_small.jpg By Jim Goodwin (pictured left) -- Legendary bowling center owner and promoter Jeanie Hulsey was roasted and toasted at the Las Vegas Hilton hotel Sunday evening June 25. The gala affair was hosted by the Southern Bowling Writers Association and sponsored by the Bowling Proprietors Association of America. Hulsey made a name for herself as the owner of two of the busiest bowling centers in Texas, 48-lane Golden Triangle Bowl in Irving, and 60-lane Forum Bowl in Grand Prairie.




Bowl-O-Pinion by Jim Goodwin

ColumnistJimGoodwin_small.jpg Bowl-O-Pinion by Jim Goodwin (pictured left) -- "Bowling may now have its own Watergate", writes Jim Goodwin. "Let's call it 'Bowlergate'. On June 19, the USBC announced they have approved the two 900 series bowled by 17-year-old Mushtare of Carthage, New York. And I thought superman was a comic book character with a new movie on the way this summer. Little did I know he'd turn out to be a bowler. Or is he?"

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