Martin Paulsson is Sweden's Bowler of the Year 2011




    Martin Paulsson has been selected as the Bowler of the Year 2011 by the Swedish Bowling Federation. The national team member has won the European Championships Masters title in Munich, Germany, last summer.

    Martin Paulsson receives the Bowler of the Year award from Micael Hamberg, left, chairman of the Swedish Bowling Federation.

    For the 40-year-old Paulsson a dream came true. "I had not practiced seriously for six, seven years and was playing league games just for fun," Paulsson remembered when national team coach Tomas Leandersson approached him in 2008. In 2009 at the age of 38, Paulsson made his first appearance in the Swedish national team in the Men's European Championships in Aalborg, Denmark.

    2010MWCMartinPaulssonMathiasArup.jpgOne year later he and his good friend Mathias Ă…rup were the surprise winners of the Doubles gold medal at the Men's World Championships in Munich (pictured right). The two were the sole non-U.S. gold medalists of the entire championships. Back at Dream-Bowl Palace in Munich in the summer of 2011 for the MEC, Paulsson showed another outstanding performance en route to capture the coveted Masters title.

    After three years on Team Sweden, he states that his victories came as a result of extensive practice during this period.

    "My game has changed a lot. I have practiced harder than ever during this period," Paulsson stated. "If someone had told me that I would spend time in a gym, I would have laughed, but it is one of those things that I have done regularly.

    "Even the quality of my worst performances has improved and I have learned to deal with more challenging lane patterns. Before, I was ineffective when it came to playing the outside line, but I have learned to adapt to the short oil patterns."

    After earning the important Bowler of the Year award the future, Paulsson's goal for the future is to make the team for the men's and women's World Championships in Las Vegas in 2013.


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