Cyprus Bowling Federation releases Bulletin for the 2012 WTBA World Singles Championships


    2012 WSC

    Galactica Bowling Center in Limassol, Cyprus (Sept. 18-26, 2012)

    2012WSCLogo.jpg 2011WTBALogo.jpg The Cyprus Bowling Federation, host of the inaugural World Tenpin Bowling Association World Singles Championships, has released the Bulletin No. 1 for the championships which will be held from Sept. 18-26, 2012 at Galactica Bowling Center in Limassol, Cyprus.

    Limassol is the second largest city of Cyprus, with a population of 300.000 and is the center of the wine-making industry and an important commercial and tourist center.

    The delegates of the 2011 WTBA Congress in Hong Kong made the decision to create a new event - the WTBA World Singles Championships. The event will be held every four years beginning in 2012 when it is hosted in Cyprus.

    2011WTBAPresidentKevinDornberger2.jpgThe new event gives WTBA a world championship event every year, filling a void created under the previous calendar. The joint Men's and Women's World Championships will take place in 2013, the Men's World Championships will take place in 2014 and Women's World Championships in 2015. Each of those events are also held every four years.

    "It's important for WTBA to conduct a world championship event on an annual basis and this new event accomplishes that goal," Kevin Dornberger (pictured), President of WTBA and FIQ, said. "The World Singles Championships also gives us an additional event to garner sponsor support and potential international media involvement."

    Each country can send up to two men and two women to participate in the World Singles Championships. Each player must have reached the age of 15 years on January 1, 2012. The deadline for submitting the entry form is June 1, 2012.

    The entry fee for the 2012 World Singles Championships is 250 Euro for players and all head of delegations, delegates, coaches, managers, and other officials connected to each team. The entry fee includes the delegation fee to the WTBA. The entry fee for guests and supporters is 150 Euro. The fee includes full bus service and access to the bowling center and the banquet dinner.

    All games will be played on one lane condition selected by the WWC technical delegate, Pini Hershkoviz of Israel, from a bank of WTBA oil patterns. You find the patterns here.

    Each player will bowl 12 qualifying games split into two 6-game blocks. After qualifying, the top 24 men and women, by total pinfall, will advance to the single-elimination match play finals. The top eight men and women will receive a first round bye.

    The remaining sixteen players will bowl head-to-head matches in best-of-five game format, the winners being the first to win three games. These bowlers will be ranked in a bracket format (1-16, 2-15, etc.).

    The eight winners will bowl the eight byes in similar matches, bracket format, which will continue until a winner is determined. Two bronze medals will be distributed in each gender, to the losers in the semifinal matches.

    The 2012 WSC will be hosted at Galactica Bowling Center in Limassol, Cyprus. The 24-laner was built in 2007 and is divided into two floors of 12 lanes each. The center has hosted all the major events of the Cyprus Bowling Federation. The WSC schedule is made for a maximum of 144 players of each gender. When men and women are playing at the same time, they will bowl on separate floors.

    Bulletin No. 1 contains information about the schedule for meetings and competition, official hotels, Limassol attractions, bowling center, events, fees and payments, equipment, result service, press facilities, other facilities, squad and lane assignments, various information, travel and visa information, registration, committees, forms and deadlines as well as presentation of the main WSC sponsors and partners.

    The will be no further bulletins. Current information will be published on the official website and will be submitted via e-mail only to federations which have registered for the 2012 WSC.

    Bulletin No. 1

    Schedule at a glance:
    Monday, Sept. 17 Ball Check, Unofficial Practice
    Tuesday, Sept. 18 Ball Check, Unofficial Practice, Team Managers Meeting
    Wednesday, Sept. 19 Ball Check, Official Practice, Opening Ceremonies
    Thursday, Sept. 20 Qualifying Block 1 Squads 1, 2 and 3
    Friday, Sept. 21 Qualifying Block 1 Squads 4, 6 and 6
    Saturday, Sept. 22 Qualifying Block 2 Squads 2, 3 and 1
    Sunday, Sept. 23 Qualifying Block 2 Squads 5, 6 and 4
    Monday, Sept. 24 Top 24 Finals (Round 1 and 2)
    Tuesday, Sept. 25 Finals (quarterfinals, semifinals, finals), Medal Ceremonies, Banquet.