Tony Roventini becomes the first left-handed bowler with a 900 series


    ABC News

    Tony Roventini struck a blow for left-handed bowlers recently when he became the first left-handed player, and only the second player ever, to throw an ABC sanctioned 900 series.

    Roventini, 28, of Greenfield, Wis., rolled three successive 300 games Nov. 9, 1998 while bowling leadoff with his Pro World team in the Variety Club Midwest Challenge League at Classic Lanes in his hometown.

    He has thrown eighteen 300 games and has six career 800 series. His previous high was 857.

    Roventini is a member of the Wisconsin five-man team that threw a series-record 3,780 with games of 1,286, 1,257 and 1,237. That's the highest team series in the nation this season.