Bowling Industry unites to launch National Youth League promotion


    USBC Youth

    8 for 8 Bowling Club includes 8 weeks of bowling and a new ball for $8 per week

    BPAADrirectorYouthChadMurphy.jpgThe bowling industry is uniting to promote and launch the national "8 for 8" Bowling Club promotion this fall in an effort to introduce more children under the age of 12 to the sport. The program gives kids the opportunity to participate in an 8-week league for $8 per week and includes a custom-fitted ball and a basic United States Bowling Congress Youth membership.

    "The formula for youth sports success is clear. Families want a short commitment, bowling gear for the kids and a reasonable price," International Bowling Campus Managing Director of Youth Development Chad Murphy (pictured) said. "The 8 for 8 promotion provides a turnkey program to get youth bowlers in the door and get them hooked on a great sport."

    The "8 for 8" program is a partnership of the IBC in conjunction with Brunswick and Ebonite International. Brunswick and Ebonite have agreed to provide balls for the program at a discounted price to participating Bowling Proprietors' Association of America centers through Strike Ten Entertainment.

    "Our industry partners have really stepped up to make this happen," Murphy said. "Ebonite and Brunswick along with BPAA, Strike Ten, USBC and the entire consumer products distribution network are continuing to show their unwavering commitment to innovative new youth programs."

    The 8 for 8 Bowling Club promotion will be offered exclusively to BPAA members and comes with a comprehensive marketing kit that includes a standee, posters, counter card and customizable sales flyers. To activate this promotion, BPAA member centers can purchase a marketing kit through Strike Ten Entertainment.

    The promotion is scheduled for leagues starting from September 1, 2012 through November 22, 2012. BPAA Members can reserve their 8 for 8 Bowling Club Marketing Kit at Bowl Expo by stopping by the IBC Youth and Strike Ten Entertainment booths.

    For more details please contact Chad Murphy or John Harbuck at the International Bowling Campus at 800-343-1329.