Two bowlers reach 50 years at USBC Open Championships


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    Gerald Cole Sr. (pictured left) of Taylor, Mich., and David Finlay (right) of Shawnee Mission, Kan., recently became the 148th and 149th bowlers in USBC Open Championships history to reach 50 years of tournament participation. Both began their Open Championships journeys at the 1960 event in Toledo, Ohio.

    Each bowler made the memorable milestone march down Center Aisle at the Baton Rouge River Center and received a plaque, chevron and diamond lapel pin to commemorate the occasion.

    Cole, an 82-year-old right-hander, closed out his 2012 campaign with 472 in doubles, 442 in team and 438 in singles for a 1,352 all-events total. In 50 years on the tournament lanes, Cole has knocked down 83,219 pins for a 184.9 career average.

    Finlay had 476 in singles, 434 in team and 408 in doubles for a 1,318 total. In 50 tournaments, the 75-year-old right-hander has toppled 66,320 pins for a 179.7 career average.


    Three more bowlers shoot 300 at Baton Rouge River Center

    2012USBCOCJonBenning.jpgJon Benning of Franklin, Wis., Chris Dunham of Indianapolis and Sam Carter of Ben Lomond, Calif., each rolled perfect games at the USBC Open Championships this week.

    Benning (pictured left) started with games of 233 and 142 before finding his groove en route to a 675 series April 25. The 46-year-old right-hander added 573 in doubles and 561 in singles for a 1,809 all-events total.

    2012USBCOCChrisDunham.jpgDunham (right) ended his team event April 27 with 15 consecutive strikes, which included the 14th perfect game of the 2012 Open Championships.

    The 44-year-old right-hander posted games of 223, 199 and 300 for a 722 series, helping DV8 Indianapolis to a 3,206 total, which is just outside the top 10 in Regular Team.

    The effort helped his team to a 1,261 finale, the highest team game of the 2012 tournament. It is tied for the sixth-highest game in tournament history. USBC Hall of Famer Jeff Richgels and his Turbo 2-N-1 Grips 1 teammates top the list with 1,281, rolled last year on the way to the Regular Team title.

    2012USBCOCSamCarter.jpgDunham added 606 in singles and 515 in doubles for a 1,843 all-events effort.

    Carter's (left) 300, the 16th of the year, came in his final game of doubles April 30 as he teamed with Ron Case of Oakley, Calif., to move into ninth place in Regular Doubles with a 1,401 total. Carter added games of 192 and 249 for a 741 series, while Case contributed 660.

    Carter, a 60-year-old right-hander, added 663 in team and 624 in singles to end his 25th tournament with a 2,028 all-events total.


    Virginia team grabs top spot at USBC Open Championships

    Nite Owls of Lynchburg, Va., moved into the Classified Team lead at the USBC Open Championships on April 25 with games of 971, 870 and 866 for a 2,707 total. The group passed Frazee 2 of Vergas, Minn., which previously held the lead with 2,678.

    John Sperry led the way for Nite Owls with a 579 series and was followed by Winston Ware (578), David Dean (541), Michael Hicks (506) and Leon Clark (503).


    A look ahead

    This week, good friends USBC Hall of Famer Gordy Baer of Tinley Park, Ill., and Vern Denault of Bradley, Ill., will celebrate 50 years at the USBC Open Championships. They will become the 150th and 151st members of the 50-Year Club on May 7.

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    2012 USBC Open Championships - Regular Division

    Top 10 division leaders with hometown and pinfall

    1, Nicholas J's Pro Shop 2 (Nick Heilman, Matt Mysliwiec, Greg Pizl, Trevor Yonan, Andy Mills), La Crosse, Wis., 3,401. 2,, Wichita, Kan., 3,344. 3, Cambridge 1, Arlington, Texas, 3,319. 4, Artistic Expressions 1, Oklahoma City, 3,316. 5, Linds Lakers 1, Minneapolis, 3,278. 6, S & B Pro Shop 1, Clinton Township, Mich., 3,277. 7, The Locker Guy 1, Mankato, N.D., 3,247. 8, Clone Huskers, Madison, Wis., 3,244. 9, Frans Pro Shop 1, Waterloo, Iowa, 3,239. 10, ND Storm 1, Mandan, N.D., 3,227.

    1, Matt McNiel, Prior Lake, Minn./Charles Vashaw, Deephaven, Minn., 1,489. 2, Roger Blanchard/Jimmy Zimmerman, Syracuse, N.Y., 1,464. 3, Thomas Corbett, Minneapolis/Gary Green, Houlton, Wis., 1,439. 4, Chad Newman, Grapevine, Texas/Michael Warren, Dallas, 1,436. 5, Hugh Miller, Mercer Island, Wash./Adam Barta, Girard, Ohio, 1,429. 6, Chris Hans, Rocky Mount, N.C./Ryan Whitney, Lewisville, Texas, 1,420. 7, Dan Bock, Albert Lea, Minn./Chad Nelson, Owatonna, Minn., 1,419. 8, Scott Erickson, Oregon, Wis./Chris Gibbons, Madison, Wis., 1,410. 9, Sam Carter, Ben Lomond, Calif./Ron Case, Oakley, Calif., 1,401. 10, Paul Marmolejo, Rialto, Calif./Alex Marmolejo, Alta Loma, Calif., 1,398.

    1, Henry Teetz III, West Allis, Wis., 800. 2(tie), Andrew Kleutgen, Wild Rose, Wis., and Dustin Knipp, Mansfield, Ohio, 785. 4, Ryan Whitney, Lewisville, Texas, 773. 5, John Ferretti, Erie, Pa., 771. 6, Robert Hanson, Tacoma, Wash., 765. 7, Camden Rokita, Springfield, Ill., 763. 8, Matt Smith, Altoona, Iowa, 756. 9(tie), Vayle Floria, Cerritos, Calif., and Scott Pohl, Burnsville, Minn., 755.

    1, Matt McNiel, Prior Lake, Minn., 2,202. 2, Ryan Whitney, Lewisville, Texas, 2,170. 3, Derek Eoff, Madison, Wis., 2,167. 4, Nick Wissinger, Clinton Township, Mich., 2,152. 5, Nick Heilman, La Crosse, Wis., 2,121. 6, Brian Waliczek, Birch Run, Mich., 2,111. 7, Chris Gibbons, Madison, Wis., 2,089. 8, Terry Syring, Bay City, Mich., 2,087. 9, Shawn Lee, Centennial, Colo., 2,082. 10, Camden Rokita, Springfield, Ill., 2,080.

    Team All-Events
    1, S&B Pro Shop 1 (Bill Orlikowski, Nick Wissinger, Mark Moore, Kerry Kreft, Dave Ewald), Clinton Township, Mich., 9,954. 2, The Locker Guy 1, Mankato, Minn., 9,925. 3, Cambridge 1, Arlington, Texas, 9,817. 4, Linds Lakers 1, Minneapolis, 9,801. 5, Fran's Pro Shop 1, Waterloo, Iowa, 9,795, 6, Clone Huskers, Madison, Wis., 9,770. 7, Lodge Lanes Too, Orlando, Fla., 9,744. 8, POHL POSITION, W. Henrietta, N.Y., 9,741. 9, Five Horsemen, Racine, Wis., 9,731. 10, Legend of Dung Ho, Cerritos, Calif., 9,666.


    2012 USBC Open Championships - Classified Division

    Top 10 division leaders with hometown and pinfall

    1, Nite Owls (David Dean, Winston Ware, Leon Clark, Michael Hicks, John Sperry), Madison Heights, Va., 2,707. 2, Frazee 2, Vergas, Minn., 2,678. 3, Garden Center Lanes 4, Alexandria, Minn., 2,670. 4, K Lines 2, Gildford, Mont., 2,658. 5, Lani Ohana, Honolulu, 2,650. 6, Schmidt Motors, Ogallala, Neb., 2,639. 7, Donnas Lounge 2, Sheffield, Iowa, 2,631. 8, Bluedog Blazers, Webster, S.D., 2,614. 9, Paradise Lanes, Walden, Colo., 2,607. 10, Garden Center Lanes 3, Alexandria, Minn., 2,604.

    1, Randy Tennant, Onida, S.D./Tim Luken, Gettysburg, S.D., 1,231. 2, Daniel Broussard, Broussard, La./Rob Clark, Rayne, La., 1,196. 3, Lenny Boogaard, Osakis, Minn./Larry Sorenson, West Union, Minn., 1,187. 4, Kathy Barthel, Jacksonville, Ala./Thomas Gaskins, Bessemer, Ala., 1,184. 5, Jewell Ownbey/Forrest Ownbey, Newport, Wash., 1,182. 6, Don Driver, Howard, Colo./Dave Culp, Salida, Colo., 1,180. 7, Jeremy Skelenar/Bobby Turner, Kearney, Neb., 1,177. 8, Eric Douglass, Goldfield, Iowa/Dale Helgevold, Osceola, Iowa, 1,170. 9, Paul Reker, New Ulm, Minn./Norman Skarphol, Madelia, Minn., 1,163. 10, Kristine Kreuser, Wayne, Ill./Keith White, Gurnee, Ill, 1,153.

    1, Joel Fee, Pella, Iowa, 655. 2, Dennis Hanson, Harbor Beach, Mich., 640. 3, Jerry Roberts, Primghar, Iowa, 637. 4, Rick Richter, Primghar, Iowa, 634. 5, Travis Simplot, Oregon, Wis., 622. 6, Ken Brewster, Goshen, Ind., 621. 7(tie), Randy Witters, New Weston, Ohio, and Mark Herring, Seymour, Mo., 619. 9, Gordon Tunison, New York, 614. 10, Dustin Space, Minden, Neb., 613.

    1, Dennis Poepping, Alexandria, Minn., 1,746. 2, Paul Schrubbe, Horicon, Wis., 1,742. 3, Sheldon Goldberg, Hollywood, Fla., 1,739. 4, Jerry Roberts, Chino Valley, Ariz., 1,721. 5, Terry Turner, Shoreline, Wash., 1,699. 6, William Rowald, Roscoe, Ill., 1,698. 7, Darwin Noah, Sidney, Mich., 1,693. 8, Randy Witters, New Weston, Ohio, 1,688. 9, Daniel Broussard, Broussard, La., 1,684. 10, Roger Munson, Belmond, Iowa, 1683.