Daniel Hürlimann sets the pace in 35th Grand Prix Zurich



    Finals on Sunday, June 3, to be broadcasted live on the internet


    2012GPZMichelCare.jpgDaniel Hürlimann (pictured left) led the qualifying of the 35th Grand Prix Zurich after the first two squads have been completed at Bowling Center BeSeCo in Rümikon, Switzerland. Hürlimann, who received no handicap, had games of 206, 226, 188, 204, 183, 226, 214 and 215 to lead a field of 43 Swiss bowlers with 1662 pinfall total and an average of 207.75.

    Hürlimann was followed by a pair of Swiss junior bowlers, Michel Caré and Marc Jörg. Caré (right; 0 handicap) used high games of 248 and 238 for 1656 while Jörg, who received three pins handicap each game, posted a 1653 series including high games of 236, 232 and 231.

    Fourth place Damir Branezac was the last player who averaged over 200 finishing with 1611 (0 handicap).

    Qualifying ends on Saturday, June 2 with Squads 4-6 at 9, 12.30 and 4 p.m. CEST. Squad 3 (June 1) and Squad 7 (June 2 at 7.30 p.m.) have been cancelled.

    2012GPZurichLogo_small.jpg 2012BowlingSectionZurichBanner_small.jpg The 35th annual Grand Prix Zurich got underway Monday, May 28th, at Bowling Center BeSeCo in Rümikon, a 22-laner in suburban Winterthur, Switzerland.

    The total prize fund ranges from 6.590 Euro (90+ players) and 9.620 Euro (130+ players) up to maximum 14.970 Euro (196 players). Entry fee is 130 Swiss Franc or 110 Euro, CHF 100 or 85€ for junior bowlers at the age 21 and younger.

    The are still qualifying spots available in the last three squads. For more details visit the online registration.

    The GPZ is a singles event (men and women in one division) and uses a 60 percent handicap of 200 with maximum 35 pins per game.

    All players bowl eight games of qualifying (seven qualifying squads). With currently 107 players registered, the top 42 advance to the semifinals. 50 percent of the qualifying total including handicap will be carried forward.

    The 42 players bowl another three games with the top 28 advancing to the second round. The total pinfall will be carried forward. Those 28 bowl another two games to cut to the top 14 for the finals.

    The finals of the 35th Grand Prix Zurich features seven games starting from scratch. In each round points will be awarded to the players according to their position in the respective round. 1st place - 14 points; 2nd place - 13, 3rd place - 12, …… 14th place 1 point.

    At the end of Round 7 double points will be given to the players according to their position based on the 7-game total including handicap. 1st place - 28 points; 2nd place - 26, 3rd place - 24, …… 14th place 2 points.

    The player with the highest point total will be declared the winner of the 35th GP Zürich.

    PhotopgrapherBeatGrauwiler_small.jpg2009EBT04FlavioCuva_small.jpg Bowlingdigital's Flavio Cuva (pictured left) and Beat Grauwiler (right), the BeSeCo GM and tournament director of the GPZ, will provide Live Streaming on Sunday, June 3rd. Bowling fans around the world will be able to watch the semifinals and finals of the Grand Prix Zurich starting at 9.00 o'clock Central European Summer Time.


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