Frank Weiermüller and Evangelos Tsorbatzoudis win 12th BC Strangers Doubles



    Bowling Center BeSeCo in Rümikon/Winterthur, Switzerland (Aug. 19-26, 2012)

     Frank Weiermüller and Evangelos Tsorbatzoudis defeated Tanya Cuva and Dirk Völkel, 407-383, to win the 12th BC Strangers International Doubles Tournament 2012 and the 1.000 Swiss Franc top prize Sunday at Bowling Center BeSeCo in Rümikon/Winterthur, Switzerland.

    L-R Tanya Cuva and Dirk Völkel (2nd), winners Frank Weiermüller and Evangelos Tsorbatzoudis, and Nicole Heberle and Oliver Blasé (3rd). Click on the image to enlarge it.

    2012StrangersWeiermullerTsorbatzoudis.jpgThe handicap tournament (based on 60% of 200) drew 39 doubles, who bowled eight games of qualifying. Zurich's Gregor Ramsak set the high light as he rolled the sole 300 game of the tournament in the seventh game.

    The top 28 qualifiers advanced and bowled another dour games with 50 per cent of the qualifying total being carried forward before the cut to the top 14, who advanced to the finals.

    2012StrangersCuvaVolkel.jpgSunday's eliminator-format finals featured three two-game rounds and a one-game championship match. In the first round, the four lowest-scoring teams were eliminated. In the two rounds to follow, the same "low teams out" format applied.

    Cuva/ Völkel (left) rolled an 886 two-game series in the penultimate round to secure the first spot for the title match with Weiermüller/Tsorbatzoudis (above right) in second place with 843, all four without handicap.

    2012StrangersBlaseHeberle.jpgNicole Heberle and Oliver Blase (right) were the first team out with 807 including four pins handicap each game for Heberle, good for third place.

    Weiermüller (200) and Tsorbatzoudis (207), the lone men's team in the top six, bowled solid games in finale to beat their opponents Cuva (204) and Völkel (179) by 24 pins to wrap up the title.

    Cuva/Völkel received 700 SFR for second place and Heberle/Blasé pocketed 500 SFR for third.

    Complete Results (xls file)
    Tournament Rules in German, French, Italian and English (pdf file)