Europe suffers historic defeat in 13th Weber Cup



    U.S. team cruises to 17-7 victory for an overall 8-5 lead in the 13-year-old event

    2012WeberCupUSTeam.jpg Europe represented by Finns Osku Palermaa and Mika Koivuniemi and England's Dominic Barrett and Stuart Williams was blasted in what was the worst loss - in terms of point differential - in the history of the Weber Cup when the United States's Mike Fagan, Tommy Jones, Bill O'Neill and Chris Barnes (l-r with the trophy) cruised to 17-7 victory for an overall 8-5 lead in the 13-year-old event.

    The Americans took a two-point lead after the first session thanks to back-to-back wins by Jones and Barnes in matches #5 and #6. The two teams traded wins over the next nine matches. Leading by mere one point after 15 matches (8-7), the Americans won nine consecutive matches to lift the trophy.

    The Weber Cup is a made-for-TV show event featuring four-man teams from Europe and the United States, who compete over three days in a series of singles, doubles and Baker team matches on a single lane in an arena-setting.

    The 13th Weber Cup took place from Oct. 12-14 at the Metrodome in Barnsley, South Yorkshire, England. The event was supposed to be staged over five sessions - Friday evening, Saturday afternoon and evening and Sunday afternoon and evening but the show was over after four sessions as first team to reach 17 points was declared the winner.