Amleto Monacelli and Don Blatchford top PBA50 Senior/Super Senior Doubles Classic Qualifying


    2013 PBA50 Tour #10

    Monacelli's commitment to bowl WTBA World Championship for Venezuela effectively hands Walter Ray Williams Jr. his second PBA50 Player of the Year crown

    2012PBASTourRotYAmletoMonacelli.jpg2013PBA50DonBlanchford.jpgPBA Hall of Famer Amleto Monacelli (pictured left) took top qualifier honors for the PBA50 Senior/Super Senior Doubles Classic presented by Brunswick Monday to come within two points of Walter Ray Williams Jr. in the PBA50 Player of the Year race, but because he won't be competing in the final event of the season, effectively handed Williams his second consecutive PBA50 Player of the Year crown.

    Monacelli, who finished qualifying in the senior division for players aged 50-59, led qualifying with a 3,571, 16-game pinfall total (223.1 average) and will be paired with Don Blatchford (right) of Santa Monica, Calif., who topped the super senior division, ages 60 and up, with 3,346 (209.1 average) heading into Tuesday's match play rounds.

    "Don was actually one of two or three players I was looking at as a possible doubles partner so it worked out well," said Monacelli. "I'm confident that we can match up well together for a good result. I'll concentrate on my game and we'll put a game plan together. I'm looking forward to bowling with him."

    "My game matched up with the lane conditions right away because it was a right-up-the-boards shot," said Blatchford. "The conditions will probably be a little different for match play but I'll be prepared to make whatever adjustments I need to make."

    2012PBASTourPotYWalterRayWilliams.jpgFor Williams (left), who qualified fifth and will be paired with super senior Dick Gran of Hartville, Ohio, it marks two PBA50 Player of the Year honors to complement his record seven Player of the Year honors on the PBA Tour. His season has been highlighted by three titles and three other top-five finishes including fourth in the Senior U.S. Open.

    "It's a shame that Amleto and Pete (Weber) weren't able to bowl the whole season because who knows how it would have ended up, said the 53-year-old Williams, who was also the PBA50 Rookie of the Year in 2010. "Amleto had a great year and led every tournament he bowled in at some point, and Pete certainly made the most out of the tournaments he bowled in, but I'll take it."

    Monacelli will be bowling with Team Venezuela in the World Tenpin Bowling Association World Championships next week in Las Vegas, and will miss the final PBA50 Tour event in Welch, Minn.

    201213PBA16PeteWeber.jpg2013PBA50LennieBoresch.jpgWilliams and Monacelli clinched berths for the PBA50 Tour Finals which will feature the top three in PBA50 Tour Player of the Year points. The new special event will be conducted during the PBA World Series of Bowling V at South Point Hotel, Casino and Bowling Center in Las Vegas in early November and will be telecast by ESPN.

    Pete Weber (left) and Lennie Boresch Jr. (right) of Kenosha, Wis. will battle for the third spot in the finals in next week's Treasure Island Resort and Casino Open presented by MOTIV in Welch, Minn.

    For Senior/Super Senior Doubles Classic match play, the top 14 PBA50 players will be paired with the top 14 PBA50 Tour super senior players based on their qualifying position. After 14 games of match play, the top four teams will advance to a Baker format stepladder finals starting at 7 p.m. CT.


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    PBA50 Senior/Super Senior Doubles Classic - Round Two

    Players with position, hometown and 16-game total. Top 14 from senior division and super senior division will be paired together based on qualifying order for Tuesday's Baker format doubles match play rounds.

    Seniors (ages 50-59)
    1, Amleto Monacelli, 3,571
    2, Lennie Boresch, 3,537
    3, Pete Weber, 3,521
    4, Dale Traber, 3,497
    5, Walter Ray Williams Jr., 3,441
    6, Tom Adcock, 3,409
    7, Harry Sullins, 3,392
    8, Mike Edwards, 3,391
    9, Don Holmes, 3,328
    10, Wayne Webb, 3,318
    11, Dale Csuhta, 3,289
    12, Bryan Goebel, 3,250
    13, (tie) Mark Williams, 3,220 and Kenny Parks, 3,220
    15, Michael Shequin, 3,215
    16, Darryl Bower, 3,209
    17, Paul McCordic, 3,203
    18, Tom Baker, 3,199
    19, Kevin Foley, 3,193
    20, David Axon, 3,184
    21, Bob Learn, 3,175
    22, Robert Harvey, 3,162
    23, Brian Miller, 3,141
    24, Bob Markiewicz, 3,099
    25, Kent Wagner, 3,077
    26, Roger Painter, 3,056
    27, Todd Kjell, 3,051
    28, John Dudak, 3,016
    29, Gene Davis, 2,985
    30, Al Pote, 2,966
    31, Scott Smith, 2,962
    32, Tom Carter, 2,954
    33, Chris Keane, 2,949
    34, Bennie Holman, 2,942
    35, Tom Howison, 2,926
    36, Frank Miceli, 2,923
    37, Tim Pierce, 2,918
    38, Rick Woloszyn, 2,898
    39, Jamie Lynn Fox, 2,754


    Super Seniors (ages 60-older)
    1, Don Blatchford, 3,346
    2, Tim Kauble, 3,295
    3, Emilio Mora, 3,286
    4, Mitch Jabczenski, 3,264
    5, Dick Gran, 3,258
    6, Kerry Painter, 3,244
    7, Rick Minier, 3,236
    8, Gary Dickinson, 3,216
    9, Ted Staikoff, 3,319
    10 (tie)John Petraglia, and Sal Bongiorno, 3189
    12, Bill Henson, 3,180
    13, Marc Lineberry, 3,173
    14, Roy Buckley, 3,167
    15, Harv Pallas, 3,151
    16, Dale Eagle, 3,149
    17, Don Sylvia, 3,131
    18, Lee Brosius, 3,094
    19, Dennis Lane, 3,085
    20, Dick Selgo, 3,073
    21, Bill McCorkle, 3,066
    22, Jerry Lau, 3,065
    23, Brendan Bierch, 3,063
    24, Patrick King, 3,034
    25, Dave Bernhardt, 3,032
    26, Larry Graybeal, 3,025
    27, Ron Profitt, 3,016
    28, Sam Perrotta, 3,006
    29, Gene Vincent, 3,000
    30, Gary Hiday, 2,972
    31, William Keenan Jr., 2,961
    32, Bill Idzior, 2,958
    33, Dan Duskin, 2,957
    34, George Hall, 2,950
    35, Robert Holzbauer, 2,943
    36, Daniel Miner, 2,930
    37, Frankie May, 2,917
    38, Steve Stein, 2,900
    39, Bob Kelly, 2,891
    40, Galen Keas, 2,870
    41, Kim Kirkpatrick, 2,826
    42, Barry Witmer, 2,795
    43, George Lord, 2,784
    44, Donald Breihan, 2,783
    45, Ken Waters, 2,771
    46, Robert Teeters, 2,718
    47, Dan Clausse, 2,712
    48, Allen Meskan, 2,691 49, Melvin Lingafelter, 2,618
    50, Peter Brainard, 2,616
    51, Michael Chrzanowski 2,524 (withdrew)
    52, Hank Knisley, 2,312
    53, Henry Gonzalez, 1,598 (withdrew)
    54, Walter Sova, 1,326 (withdrew)