IBC challenges bowling industry to certify 20,000 kids through "mission possible" program


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    2014 Mission Possible league program includes discounted marketing kits, $25,000 cash prize drawing, 8 for 8, 10 for 10 and 12 for 12 league options

    2013MissionPossibleProgramLogo.jpg Bowling centers have an exciting new way to market youth bowing leagues in 2014 through the "Mission Possible" promotion, offered through Strike Ten Entertainment and International Bowling Campus Youth Development.

    To unify the bowling industry behind the "Mission Possible" challenge to certify 20,000 kids, participating Bowling Proprietors' Association of America (BPAA) centers and United States Bowling Congress (USBC) associations can qualify to win thousands of dollars in cash prizes.

    STEFrankDeSocio.jpgIn addition to the cash incentives, "Mission Possible" offers participating centers deep discounts on comprehensive marketing kits, significant savings on the bowling balls offered and free USBC Youth Basic memberships all rolled together in this industry-wide initiative.

    "The expanded version of the proven successful 8 for 8 league program gives everyone in the bowling industry something to be excited about," Strike Ten Entertainment president Frank DeSocio (right) said.

    "We've lowered the price of the marketing kits to just $20.14 each for the year 2014 to fit every proprietor's budget. Plus, we're offering two exciting new options that include10 for 10 and 12 for 12 league programs to give all our members even more marketing options."

    The "8 for 8" program gives kids the opportunity to participate in an 8-week league for $8 per week and includes a free polyester ball and a USBC Youth Basic membership.

    The "10 for 10" version offers the same benefits (free ball and membership) as the "8 for 8" program but allows for increased lineage and duration.

    The "12 for 12" version also offers the free USBC Youth Basic membership but includes a free introductory performance ball and is designed to keep youth bowlers moving forward on the path to becoming more frequent bowlers and loyal customers.

    BPAADrirectorYouthChadMurphy.jpgThe discounted bowling ball component of the program is made possible through a partnership with Brunswick, Columbia 300, Ebonite and Storm.

    "Our industry partners have come through to make this Mission Possible promotion a reality," IBC Managing Director of Youth Development Chad Murphy (left) said.

    "Now we need youth leaders around the country to step up and help get kids bowling in one of these fantastic league programs, get a brand new ball in their hands and get them certified."

    To provide centers with an incentive to participate and certify their youth bowlers, the "Mission Possible" program includes a $25,000 Grand Prize Drawing for participating centers and USBC associations that will be conducted at the 2014 Bowl Expo.

    Centers will receive additional entries in the grand prize drawing for every youth bowler they certify. The winning center will receive a $20,000 prize and the USBC association servicing the center will receive $5,000.

    "The promotion is really simple – the more youth bowlers you certify, the better your chances are to win a huge cash prize," Murphy said. "Certifying bowlers is critical and this prize aims to create some new excitement for associations and proprietors to work together toward this common goal."

    The "Mission Possible" 20,000 Youth Bowlers in 2014 challenge will be offered exclusively to BPAA members and comes with comprehensive marketing materials that include standees, posters, counter cards and customizable sales flyers.

    To activate this promotion, BPAA member centers can purchase a marketing kit through Strike Ten. A mailer with all the program details is scheduled for October.

    The promotion is scheduled for leagues starting from January 1, 2014 through April 30, 2014. For more details, please contact Chad Murphy or John Harbuck at the International Bowling Campus at 800-343-1329 or visit MissionPossibleBowling.com.