Peter Hellström regains lead to earn high qualifier honors at Bowling World Cup


    2013 BWC

    Swede averages 245.50 for 24 games as the field was cut to the top 24 men; Mats Maggi (BEL) rolls the lone 1500-series including the tournament's 13th 300 game; another 13 players surpass the 1400-mark and 26 more crack the 1300-bar; cut for 24th place is 5465 (227.71 average)

    2013BWCPeterHellstrom4.jpg2013BWCMatsMaggi2.jpgPeter Hellström (pictured left) of Sweden, who led the 49th QubicaAMF Bowling World Cup since the opening round, left it until the last two games to regain control of the 74-player field en route to earn high qualifier honors in the men's division with 5892 and an average of 245.50 for 24 games.

    Hellström, who held a 254.39 average after 18 games, rolled 1313 in the last six-game block (218.83 average) but was able to weather a strong charge by Mats Maggi (right) of Belgium to hang onto the fourth round lead as the field was cut to the top 24.

    2013BWCMatsMaggi300.jpg2013BWCMatsMaggi300a.jpgStarting the day in third place, 220 pins behind Hellström, Maggi got off to a blistering start rolling the first 300 game (pictured) in World Cup history by a Belgian man and to extend the record number of 300 games in this tournament to 13.

    Maggi, who holds the BWC record for six game since day two with 1599 (266.50), added a pair of 268 games for 836 to narrow the gap to 25 pins. When the Belgian beat the Swede in game four, 243-217, that dropped Hellström to second place by one pin.

    2013BWCAlexeiParshukov.jpg2013BWCOrAviram.jpgNever count a Swede out. Hellström rebounded with 220 and 235 to regain the lead while Maggi, who was unable to match the vigorous pace he maintained during the first four games, slipped to second place with 5861 and an average of 233.21. Maggi had the lone 1500-series of the day with 1502.

    Another 16 players surpassed the 1400-mark Thursday at Sharovaya Molniya bowling center in Krasnoyarsk, Siberia, Russia, including the next five players who earned a spot in the top 8.

    Alexei Parshukov (left) of the host Russia had all games between 265 and 221 for 1439 (239.83) but slipped from second to third place with 5836. Israel's Or Aviram (right) rose three places to fourth behind the third-best 1477 series and 5778 overall.

    2013BWCBodoKonieczny2.jpg2013BWCRodRossJohnSzczerbinski.jpgGuy Caminsky of South Africa posted 1423 to maintain his spot in the top 5 with 5752. Despite a 1410 series (235 avg.), Bodo Konieczny (left) of Germany fell two spots to sixth place with 5743.

    Team USA's John Szczerbinski (pictured right with Team USA head coach Rod Ross, left), World Champion in Doubles, used a 1421 set to shift from 11th to seventh place with 5667. Humberto Vazquez of Mexico rebounded from back to back 170s with 998 for the last for games to maintain eighth place with 5650 and an average of 235.42.

    Only the top eight players after Friday's eight game round (qualifying score carries over) will advance to round robin match play.

    2013BWCManuelFernandez.jpg2013BWCKevinHaasperYousefAlJabir.jpgJust five pins off the pace for the top 8 was Manuel Fernandez (left) of the Dominican Republic, who had the second-highest 1487 series (247.83) including six games between 268 and 232, to jump from 18th to ninth place with 5645.

    The lone player, who moved into the top 24 in the last qualifying round, was Yousef Al Jabir. The Qatari (pictured right with Kevin Haasper of Switzerland, left) used high games of 259 and 258 for 1411 to move from 26th to 22nd place to lock up his spot in the Round of 24.

    With 5486 total, Al Jabir sneaked past fellow Arab bowler Nayef Oqab, UAE, who maintained 23rd place with 1359 and 5479.

    2013BWCWilliamChing.jpg2013BWCSonithLockhart.jpgWilliam Ching (left) of Venezuela, who was third after the second round, slipped from 14th to 24th place behind a 1253 series today to take the 24th and last place to advance with 5465 an average of 227.71.

    The only player, who fell out of the top 24, was Sonith Lockhart (right) of the Bahamas, who suffered a 1075 series, one of only 16 sub-par series (based on a 200 average) today, to slip from 22nd to 39th place with 5212.

    The top 24 men will return Friday at 11.30 a.m. Krasnoyarsk Time (CET -7 hours; EST -13 hours) for the Round of 24. All other men were eliminated and have two days of vacation until the Victory Banquet starts Saturday at 8 p.m.

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    2013BWCLogo.jpg 2013BWCBeatGrauwiler.jpg The World Cup features a long qualifying format as all players bowled four six-game blocks over four days. The field was then cut to the top 24 men and top 24 women for eight additional games to determine the top eight for round-robin match play. After eight games of match play, the top three men and top three women advance to the stepladder finals.

    BowlTV will provide live streaming of the entire World Cup from start to finish. To watch the live stream commented by Lucas Wiseman, click here.

    Photos by Bowlingdigital/Beat Grauwiler (pictured right).


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