2006 CAMBOWL Junior


    Costa Rica

    CRTC Bowling Center in San José, Costa Rica (July 8-16, 2006)

    2006CAMBOELJuniorLogo.jpg The 2006 CAMBOWL Junior - Central America and Mexico Bowling Championships for Under 15 and Under 21 - take place at an 8-lane bowling center in the Costa Rica Tennis Club in the Capital City of in San José, July 8-16, 2006.

    The center is fully equipped with synthetic lanes and automatic pinsetters but the result have to be taken manually.

    The youth national teams of Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Panama and the host country of Costa Rica have sent two teams:
    - Under 15 - 4 boys and 4 girls
    - Under 21 - 4 boys and 4 girls

    Panama has not sent a complete team while CONCABA member federations Honduras and Nicaragua do not participate.

    Schedule at a glance:
    Sunday, July 9 - Opening Ceremony
    Monday, July 10 - Singles
    Tuesday, July 11 - Doubles
    Wednesday, July 12.- Mixed Doubles
    Thursday, July 13.- Mixed Foursome
    Friday, July 14.- Four-Player Teams
    Saturday, July 15.- Masters Finals