Sports Logic, IBC Youth completing work on new Youth Processing System


    USBC Youth

    2013USBCLogo.jpgThe International Bowling Campus Youth Development team has teamed with Sports Logic Group to develop the new online portal that will be used to process youth membership as part of the new youth membership structure starting Aug. 1, 2014.

    Sports Logic is a software company focused on the youth sports industry and prides itself on "thinking outside the box" while producing state-of-the-art software to manage all aspects of the youth sports market. IBC Youth Development worked alongside Sports Logic to develop a customized online portal that is unique to USBC's requirements.

    "Sports Logic is excited to be partnering with USBC on their new youth membership initiative," Jeff Lawson, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Sports Logic Group, said of the two-year partnership agreement.

    "It is great to see an organization such as USBC wanting to provide their users state-of-the-art technology to enhance the overall user experience. Sports Logic was pleased to be the company chosen to partner with USBC in order to develop this online experience. There seemed to be a natural fit between the USBC vision and the Sports Logic offering."

    When the Bowling Proprietors' Association of America (BPAA) and USBC announced last August that the organizations were committing $5 million in support of a new youth membership and activation program, the development of a new online portal to process youth memberships was a key component.

    The long-term program goal is to develop a portal for parents to exclusively self-register their children for leagues, a model that has proven highly successful for other youth sports.

    Sports Logic has finalized the new portal, which will undergo internal testing this week.

    2014USBCChadMurphy.jpg"We have worked closely with Sports Logic to develop a better and easier way to process youth membership," IBC Managing Director of Youth Development Chad Murphy (pictured right) said.

    "A new way to process youth memberships is an important step as we work to bring more youth members into our sport. We have some testing to perform but are on track to launch this new portal Aug. 1."

    Murphy said IBC Youth Development will be working with selected centers and associations to test the new youth processing later in March. A small group also will use the new portal to process youth memberships this summer.

    IBC Youth Development will have more details, including how-to guides for the new portal, prior to the launch of the new system on Aug. 1.