Terrence Blevins of Illinois rolls first perfect game at 2014 USBC Open Championships


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    Former PBA standout Curtis Odom leads Regular All-Events; Arizona bowler Keith Miller first to reach 50 years in 2014; first official live stream broadcast will take place March 14 at 2 p.m. EDT

    2014USBCOCTerrenceBlevins.jpgTerrence Blevins (pictured) of Chicago rolled the first perfect game of the 2014 United States Bowling Congress Open Championships on March 8 and catapulted into the lead in Regular Singles.

    The 44-year-old right-hander put together 18 consecutive strikes on the way to games of 257 and 300 at the National Bowling Stadium in Reno, Nev., but he came up short in his bid for the event's first 800 series, finishing with 226 for a 783 set.

    He added 633 in doubles and 585 in team for a career-best all-events total of 2,001, which now is second overall.

    In the games leading up to the 300, Blevins struggled with getting his arm swing where he wanted and fought through the lane transition in the middle of doubles. He made the necessary adjustments and got comfortable, but then came the nerves associated with perfection on the sport's biggest stage.

    "I'll be honest, I did get a little bit nervous," said Blevins, who made his 16th USBC Open Championships appearance. "A 300 here is a little bit different than 300 in league play, so I just wanted to make sure I didn't get too nervous. After about the ninth one, I told myself 'OK, this is what we came to do. Let's try to make good shots and finish it up.'"





    Former PBA standout Curtis Odom leads Regular All-Events

    2014USBCOCCurtisOdom.jpgFormer Professional Bowlers Association standout Curtis Odom of Coldwater, Mich., moved into the top spot in Regular All-Events at the USBC Open Championships on March 9.

    The 55-year-old right-hander put up sets of 741 in singles, 707 in team and 628 in doubles for an all-events tally of 2,076, surpassing the 2,001 total posted by Terrence Blevins of Chicago a day earlier. Odom's singles effort was enough to move him into second place behind Blevins.

    2014USBCOCDarrisWiltseJasonAikens.jpg Odom's past success at the National Bowling Stadium includes rolling the first perfect game of the 2011 tournament. The 2014 event marked his 23rd Open Championships appearance.

    The doubles bar was raised earlier March 9 as Darris Wiltse (l.), a 47-year-old left-hander from Las Vegas, and Jason Aikens (r.), a 38-year-old right-hander from West Branch, Mich., combined for a 1,316 total.


    Arizona bowler Keith Miller first to reach 50 years in 2014

    2014USBCOCKeithMiller.jpgKeith Miller of Peoria, Ariz., was joined by his daughter, Karen Wolf, and two grandsons, Brett and Erik Wolf, at the National Bowling Stadium on March 3 as he became the 165th bowler in tournament history, and first of 2014, to reach 50 years of USBC Open Championships participation.

    The 84-year-old was awarded a plaque, chevron and diamond lapel pin to commemorate the accomplishment. In his milestone appearance, Miller rolled games of 137, 113 and 111 for a 361 series. He did not participate in doubles and singles.

    Miller began his Open Championships career at the 1962 event in Des Moines, Iowa.


    A look ahead

    The first official live stream broadcast of the 2014 USBC Open Championships will take place March 14 at 2 p.m. EDT as PBA50 Tour champion Mike Dias of Lafayette, Colo., hits the lanes at the NBS for doubles and singles.

    Viewers will have a chance to see a team event live March 16 at 10 p.m. Eastern as the Breakpoint Pro Shop teams from Sartell, Minn., take the lanes.

    On March 17, Raymond Jensen of Greenwood, Ind., will be the second of 10 bowlers scheduled to reach the 50-year milestone this year.


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    2014 USBC Open Championships - Regular Division

    Top 10 division leaders with hometown and pinfall

    1, NCABA 2 (Michael Ryan, Missy Ryan, Susan Ryan, David Ryan, Mike Schmal), Alexandria, Va., 3,140. 2, TJ Rampit, Quincy, Mich., 3,111. 3, Andrew's Lawncare 3, Perkin, Ill., 3,063. 4, Amfco 2, Chula Vista, Calif., 3,016. 5, Al's Pro Shop, Mazeppa, Minn., 3,008. 6, Gray's Pro Shop, Columbus, Ind., 2,974. 7, Smooth Criminals, Aberdeen, Md., 2,971. 8, Idaho Collision Repair, Burley, Idaho, 2,960. 9, Kearny Mesa Bowl 2, Chula Vista, Calif., 2,959. 10, Tubbys, St. Charles, Mo., 2,925.

    1, Jason Aikens, West Branch, Mich./Darris Wiltse, Las Vegas, 1,316. 2(tie), Scott Hartnell, Kenosha, Wis./Derek Hartnell, Rolla, Mo., and Devin Braun/Ryan Racino, San Diego, 1,243. 4(tie), Robert Baldwin/Scott Yoder, State College, Pa., and Timothy Bates, Winter Garden, Fla./David Remp, Orlando, Fla., 1,237. 6, Steve Studer/Justin Studer, Burley, Idaho, 1,234. 7, Larry Schanze/Scott Schlarf, Orlando, Fla., 1,230. 8, Gardner McFadden Jr./Terrence Blevins, Chicago, 1,226. 9, Jay Bradshaw, O'Fallon, Ill./William Uthoff, Mansfield, Texas, 1,223. 10, Robert Natho, Farmers Branch, Texas/James Hale, Allen, Texas, 1,222.

    1, Terrence Blevins, Chicago, 783. 2, Curtis Odom, Coldwater, Mich., 741. 3, Chris Stenger, Bloomington, Ill., 734. 4, Justin Studer, Burley, Idaho, 713. 5, James Fugitt, Grapevine, Texas, 712. 6, Patrick Shipley, Spring Valley, Calif., 709. 7, Dan Stricker, Washington, D.C., 704. 8, James D'Angelo, West Bend, Wis., 699. 9, Ryan Driskill, Bartonville, Ill., 694. 10, Dale Storm, St. Charles, Minn., 691.

    1, Curtis Odom, Coldwater, Mich., 2,076. 2, Terrence Blevins, Chicago, 2,001. 3, Mike McBride, Washington, Ill., 1,999. 4, Justin Studer, Burley, Idaho, 1,983. 5, Dan Stricker, Washington, D.C., 1,974. 6(tie), Ryan Driskill, Bartonville, Ill., and Stefanie Johnson, Grand Prairie, Texas, 1,972. 8, William Gray, Columbus, Ind., 1,969. 9, Patrick Shipley, Spring Valley, Calif., 1,949. 10, Bryan Lindecamp, Neward, Del., 1,945.

    Team All-Events
    1, Seliga's Pro Shop (Edward Seliga, Scott Hartnell, Derek Hartnell, Steven Stone, Joel Oechler), Kenosha, Wis., 9,011. 2, Amfco 2, Chula Vista, Calif., 8,981. 3, NCABA 2, Alexandria, Va., 8,836. 4, Kearny Mesa Bowl 2, Chula Vista, Calif., 8,820. 5, Al's Pro Shop 2, Mazeppa, Minn., 8,815. 6, TJ Rampit, Quincy, Mich., 8,779. 7, MRB 3, Bloomington, Ill., 8,749. 8, Snake River Bowl, Burley, Idaho, 8,703. 9, Sandvik, West Branch, Mich., 8,700. 10, Tubbys, St. Charles, Mo., 8,680.

    2014 USBC Open Championships - Classified Division

    Top 10 division leaders with hometown and pinfall

    1, Storm Construction (David Fenske, Erin Kesler, Paul Cousineau, Josh McCullick, Dale Storm), Mazeppa, Minn., 2,709. 2, Alibi Lounge, Shelby, Mont., 2,662. 3, Waz N Friends 2, Des Plaines, Ill., 2,583. 4, Oriza Jewelers 1, Cedar Park, Texas, 2,564. 5, T Rays, Jamestown, N.D., 2,562. 6, Weaver Farms, St. Anthony, Idaho, 2,541. 7, Stan's Pau Hana Club, Honolulu, 2,525. 8, Ray's Gang, Kaneohe, Hawaii, 2,522. 9, Shears Sports, Montpelier, Idaho, 2,514. 10, St. Paul 2, Bayport, Minn., 2,498.

    1, Matt Blauer/Ryan Swalling, Burley, Idaho, 1,144. 2(tie), Robert Kaytor/Jerry Rechtzigel, Glencoe, Minn., and Clinton Dougherty, Palm Bay, Fla./James Naylor III, Melbourne, Fla., 1,101. 4, Delmer Gruber/Roy Rieger, Falls City, Neb., 1,078. 5, Jan Hadenfeldt/N. Richard Hadenfeldt, Dannebrog, Neb., 1,074. 6, Daryk Heilman/Daniel Sharp Sr., Kenton, Ohio, 1,071. 7, Stacey Rost/Corey Melville, Watertown, S.D., 1,061. 8, Jennifer Hickman/Jim Santora, Bridgeton, N.J., 1,059. 9, Larry Wittmeier, Vermillion, S.D./Bill Hochstein, Hartington, Neb., 1,055. 10, Ted Lavoot, Anaheim, Calif./Howard Lavoot, La Habra, Calif., 1,054.

    1, Stanley Higashihara, Honolulu, 603. 2, Lamont Foster, Chicago, 586. 3, Eldora Knaub, Gering, Neb., 581. 4(tie), Ron Singleton, Montpelier, Idaho, and Barry Zanto, Havre, Mont., 578. 6, Jim Sochocki, West Branch, Mich., 577. 7(tie), Serge Mercure, Enosburg Falls, Vt., and Tawnya Phoenix, Lakeside, Calif., 573. 9, Eric Beck, Cleveland, Tenn., 571. 10(tie), Gary Glass, Pocatella, Idaho, and Michael Raburn, Cleveland, Tenn., 571.

    1, Clinton Dougherty, Palm Bay, Fla., 1,667. 2, Nicole Perreira, Kaneohe, Hawaii, 1,648. 3, Lamont Foster, Chicago, 1,620. 4, Roy Rieger, Falls City, Neb., 1,615. 5, Gene Lane, Redondo Beach, Calif., 1,596. 6, Ron Singleton, Montpelier, Idaho, 1,595. 7, Jim Sochocki, West Branch, Mich., 1,585. 8, Jefferson Geimer, Miami Shores, Fla., 1,582. 9, Serge Mercure, Enosburg Falls, Vt., 1,578. 10, David Sisler, Cedar Park, Texas, 1,577.