The Bowling Foundation announces In-School Bowling Educator of the Year


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    Keith Oliver, an elementary school physical education teacher at Shalimar Elementary School in Shalimar, Fla., has been selected to receive The Bowling Foundation's Bowling Educator of the Year Award.

    The national award is presented to the educator who has made an outstanding contribution by exposing youth to the sport through the In-School Bowling Program, a program administered through The Bowling Foundation.

    In-School Bowling is a program designed for physical education teachers to teach bowling to youth in their PE classes. The Bowling Foundation provides a free bowling curriculum, how-to guide and instructional video to any teacher who wants to teach bowling.

    The program is active in more than 44 states, has distributed more than 10,000 Bowler's Ed curriculums in the past two years and has connected schools to 800 participating bowling centers for increased bowling instruction and continued participation opportunities.

    Oliver has taught lifetime sports such as the In-School Bowling program for the past 20 years in the Okaloosa School District, educating his students on a variety of actives to stay fit and healthy.

    Additionally, Oliver operates several webpages for students to learn more facts about bowling and even published a book on bowling to include a Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (S.T.E.M) component to his classroom instruction.

    "The Bowling Foundation is excited to present Keith Oliver with the Educator of the Year award," said Nancy Shenk, The Bowling Foundation president, "We are thrilled to recognize his contribution to the sport of bowling this year and for years to come, including parts of his Bowling the In-School Way with Lessons in Science and Math book to the Bowler's Ed teacher's curriculum."

    To learn more about the In-School Bowling program, here.