Wesley Low (USA) shoots 300 game at 13th CGSE World Youth Championships


    2014 WYC Hong Kong



    2014WYCWesleyLow300HammerNail.jpgJunior Team USA's Wesley Low (pictured left with 'Nail' manufactured by Hammer) rolled the first 300 game of the 13th CGSE World Youth Championships Wednesday afternoon on lanes 13-14 at SCAA bowling center in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong, China.

    It was the fifth perfecto in WYC history and the fourth by a boy. PBA star Tommy Jones, United States, was the first youth bowler who achieved perfection (1996) and was followed Mubarak Al Muraikhi of Qatar (1998) and Syimir Abdul Razak of Malaysia (2010). Daniela Alvarado of Mexico (2008) is the only girl in the elite 300-club.