USBC Coaching unveils Bowling Drills Kit


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    Guidebook/DVD package features Diandra Asbaty

    USBCCoachingLogo.jpg New for this season, United States Bowling Congress Coaching has introduced the Athlete Development Drills Guidebook, a print and video compilation of skill drills to allow coaches to properly teach bowling fundamentals.

    The package, which consists of a comprehensive, easy-to-follow printed guidebook with an accompanying DVD, is most useful for high school or college team coaches. The kit is also valuable for other coaches seeking to learn additional instructional techniques. This program contains 29 drills that teach proper techniques in areas such as release, balance, arm swing and timing.

    The drills are structured around the concept that a free and loose arm swing is the essential foundation to a consistent approach and delivery.

    "USBC is proud to introduce the Athlete Development Drills Guidebook," said Director of USBC Coaching Bob Maki. "These drills are ideal for high school and collegiate coaches looking to add structure to their practice sessions. The drills are also valuable for youth bowling programs."

    The kit features Diandra Asbaty, a USBC Silver level certified coach, nine-time USBC Team USA member and the USBC Youth spokesperson. On the DVD, Asbaty demonstrates some of the drills found in the guidebook.

    "These drills are the plan for improving the core of a bowler's game," Asbaty said. "Incorporate these rules into your daily practice session and strengthen the most important part of your game - the fundamentals."

    The Athlete Development Drills package is available for $49.95.