Emir Cup winner Tannya Roumimper moves to the top in 13th Kingdom of Bahrain Championship



    Indonesian leads with 2826 total as the local qualifiers and international Squads A, B and C have completed qualifying; Squads D, E and F will conclude qualifying on Wednesday and Thursday

    2013EBT04TannyaRoumimper2.jpg2014EBT19MarshallKent2.jpgTannya Roumimper (pictured left) of Indonesia averaged 228.50 for twelve games to take over the lead in the overall standings in the 13th Kingdom of Bahrain Championship as the local qualifiers and international Squads A, B and C have completed qualifying at Ozone Entertainment Center in Sitra, Bahrain.

    Fresh of her victory in the H.H. Emir Cup in Qatar last week, Roumimper rolled games of 234, 255, 241, 200, 245 and 247 for 1422 scratch, an average of 237, and added seven pins handicap per game to lead Squad B with 1464 and 2826 total.

    PBA rookie of the year Marshall Kent (right), United States, closed his 1481 series in squad A, the highest block in the tournament so far, with the first 300 game, worth a $1,000 bonus, to jump from ninth to second place with 2764 total.

    2014EBT15IldemaroRuiz.jpg2014PBAWSOBMikeFagan.jpgIldemaro Ruiz (left) of Venezuela finished his series with 275 and 260 for 1363 to stay atop the leaderboard of squad C and to remain in third place overall with 2707 total. Khaled Al-Dubyyan of Kuwait, who led the standings after the first block based on average, slipped to fourth place behind a 1293 on Tuesday and 2704 total.

    Mike Fagan (right), United States, used the highest six-game series in squad C today (1411) to leap into fifth place with 2678. The top 6 qualifiers will receive three byes at the end of the qualifying. The sixth place will be given to the best Bahrain bowler in the field, which is still Mohammed Janahi, who led the local qualifying with 2483 and an average of 206.92.

    With the bowlers of squads D, E and F yet to bowl their six qualifying blocks on Wednesday and Thursday respectively, Brandan Tan, a youth bowler from Singapore, holds the 27th and last spot to qualify for the finals with 2426 or an average of 202.17 average including seven pins youth handicap.

    Qualifying continues on Wednesday, March 4, with squads D, E and F, who bowl the first block starting at 10 a.m., 2 and 6 p.m. Arabia Standard Time (AST).

    The 13th Kingdom of Bahrain International Bowling Championship is the ninth tournament on the 2015 World Bowling Tour and the qualifying event for the Bahrain leg, the second event on the 2015 Asian Bowling Federation (ABF) Tour (March 8).

    The Bahrain Championship was held from March 2-7 at Ozone Entertainment Center, a 12-laner inside the Sitra Mall in Sitra, Bahrain. Players will compete for total prize money of US$104,050 with $25,000 going to the winner, $12,500 to the runner-up and $8,000 to the third place finisher. In addition the tournament offers a $1,000 bonus for the first 300 game.

    According to an agreement between World Bowling and the Professional Bowlers Association (PBA), the Bahrain Championship will award a PBA title, if won by a PBA member.

    Qualifying (two 6-game series; unlimited re-entries) runs from February 16-21 for local bowlers and March 2-5 for international bowlers (three squads per day). Women and youth bowlers (age 17 and younger) receive seven pins handicap each game.

    Total 30 players advance to the finals on Friday and Saturday, March 6 & 7, including the top 27 qualifiers, the next two Bahrainis and the top-ranked woman.

    Players 1-6 (top 5 plus the next Bahraini) receive three byes. Players 7-12 receive two byes and players 13-18 earn one bye. The remaining 12 players advance to the second round.

    Rounds 2-5 consist of six games scratch with the top six players advancing to the next round with the exception of Round 5, where the top three players will advance to the stepladder finals.

    The No. 2 seed bowls the No. 3 seed in the semifinal match. The winner of that game takes on the top-seeded player for the title and the US$25,000 first-place check. According to the tournament rules, the No. 1 seed must be defeated twice to win the title.

    WBTLogo_small.jpg The 2015 World Bowling Tour, which actually got underway in November 2014, currently consists of 19 tournaments in the Middle East (8), United States (7), Asia (2) and Europe (2) including seven "majors" and 12 regular tournaments.

    Players earn ranking points based on how they finish in each event. The current points system is based on a continuous two-year cycle, so some points earned in 2013 and all points from the 2014 and 2015 are added to determine the points list.

    The top three men and top three women in the WBT points list will be invited to compete in the 2015 World Bowling Tour Finals in the beginning of 2016.

    World Bowling provides governance to international bowling and is made up of 134 bowling international federations. For more information on the World Bowling Tour, click here.


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