World Bowling marks the beginning of a new era


    World Bowling News

    2014WorldBowlingLogo.jpgWorld Bowling were officially welcomed to the Olympic Capital on Thursday evening by Patrice Iseli, Head of Sport for the City of Lausanne at a buzzing cocktail reception hosted at the Maison du Sport International.

    20150319WorldBowlingatMaisonduSportInternational.jpgThe event attracted over 40 representatives from neighbouring international sports federations as well as sporting businesses from abroad, cultivating a stirring hub of industry chatter.

    The occasion marks a huge milestone in bowling's history and signifies the beginning of an era of vast development for the sport. Joining 55 other sports federations in Lausanne, World Bowling will be housed in the Maison du Sport International, a unique complex that brings together leading players in international sports administration.

    20150319WorldBowlingatMaisonduSportInternational2.jpgWorld Bowling President Kevin Dornberger is delighted that bowling now joins this international sporting family.

    "Through the connections made with other sports federations we open ourselves to a world rich in the knowledge of sporting governance. The move to Lausanne is a vital step in the development of the sport of bowling and for reaching our future goals."

    The World Bowling Executive Board will meet in Lausanne on August 8th and 9th at the Maison du Sport International.