3rd iCoach ETBF International Coaching Conference to be held in September 2015


    ETBF Coaching

    Kuortane High Performance Training Center, Finland (Sept. 18-20, 2015)


    The 3rd iCoach ETBF International Coaching Conference by KEGEL will take place at Kuortane High Performance Training Center on September 18-20, 2015 in Kuortane, Finland.

    The Educational Committee of the European Tenpin Bowling Federation (ETBF) invites all coaches to join the conference to get the latest information about coaching, sports science, psychology, coaching methodology and coaching tools in this unique gathering for bowling coaches.

    2013ETBFiCoachClassRoom.jpgRegistration for iCoach 2015 and its side events is open. For more information on schedule, topics and to register for the event, click here.

    "The main aim of the conference is to create a weekend for coaches or serious bowlers to study the sport from various perspectives", said former Finnish standout Piritta Kantola, now a member of Kuortane coaching staff.

    "We try to find any info supported with data, research and if not with valuable experience. We wish to generate an environment where sport science and research meets coaching information and provides new horizons for our coaches.

    2013ETBFiCoachRodRoss.jpg2013ETBFiCoachTedThompson.jpg"We provide participants very experienced keynote speakers, who are experts in sports psychology, nutrition, gymnastics, etc., group panels and hands on exercises on the lanes or at the gym."

    Pictured left is Team USA head coach, Rod Ross, The photo on the right shows Kegel lane expert, Ted Thompson.

    The first iCoach was held in 2011 and the second edition in 2013 featured 63 participants from 20 different countries. This year, the ETBF Educational committee will present two new side events, a technical certification clinic and a ball drilling and pro shop management clinic, to be held prior to the conference.

    Following the conference is the ETBF Level 3 Coaching Education, the highest level of the ETBF Coaching Program, for ETBF Level II coaches. For more information on the ETBF educational programs here.



    ETBF Coaching Clinics and Activities

    • September 14-17 Technical certification clinic
    • September 14-17 Ball drilling and pro shop management clinic
    • September 14-17 ETBF Level 2 Coaching Education
    • September 18-20 iCoach 2015
    • September 21-26 ETBF Level 3 Coaching Education