Chuck Pezzano named recipient of IBMA Hennessy Award of Merit


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    The International Bowling Media Association announced Chuck Pezzano (pictured), recognized as the dean of bowling writers, will receive the 2015 Hennessy Award of Merit.

    To say Chuck Pezzano was bowling's most famous and prolific journalist is the understatement of the century. No one ever has or ever will surpass the sheer volume of positive publicity he generated for the sport in an incredible career spanning more than 60 years.

    Pezzano's legacy to bowling started at the tender age of 19 while a student at Rutgers University. After a two year stint in the U.S. Army, Pezzano majored in English at Rutgers and earned his Bachelor's Degree.

    As a writer and public speaker, he was a natural. In his junior year, the editor of the Patterson (NJ) Morning Call noticed his talent and hired him to write three bowling columns per week. His column was called Down My Alley and it was so popular he was soon named the paper's lead sports writer, turning out five sports columns per week in addition to his weekly three bowling columns.

    All the while he had become one of the top flight bowlers in his region by distinguishing himself as the first collegiate bowler to roll an 800 series, namely 824 in 1951. In 1958 he helped organize and became one of the charter members of the Professional Bowlers Association.

    Chuck was the king of print journalism but he was also one of the pioneers in sports television and the electronic media working behind the scenes and handling production duties for the PBA for many years.

    He worked as a consultant on television, movie and instructional videos with Hall of Fame Broadcasters Mel Allen, Chris Schenkel, Nelson Burton, Jr., Jack Buck and Bret Musberger.

    In addition he was also heavily involved in PBA business affairs, running the PBA East Region for over 20 years. He was Secretary of the PBA Hall of Fame for two decades and served as the organization's official Historian, a position he held for life.

    His proudest achievements on the lanes, however, revolved around family. Chuck and his four sons, Chuck, Jr., Curt, Clay and Craig had the distinction of being the first father and four sons to each officially record sanctioned 300 games.

    Pezzano also made his mark as the author of more than a dozen books on bowling, and easily 10,000 columns, magazine articles and press releases to numerous organizations.

    Chuck always welcomed new writers and was especially proud when women became leaders in the bowling community and industry. He was instrumental in helping to open the door for women bowling writers to join the previously all-male Bowling Writers Association of America.

    He was also a lifelong advocate for high school and collegiate bowling.

    He was the first Meritorious Service inductee into the inaugural PBA Hall of Fame class of 1975 and later inducted into the United States Bowling Congress and Bowling Writers Association Halls of Fame, among his membership in 12 Halls of Fame.

    The Hennessy Award will be presented June 24, 2015 as part of the Bowling Proprietors Association of America Awards Luncheon at International Bowl Expo.


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