Angie Brown, Frank Börner win Eliminator Finals in Böblingen Senior Open


    2015 ISBT #6



    Defending champion Angie Brown of England and Frank Börner of Germany (pictured above, r-l) were the last players standing in the Eliminator Round Finals at the 3rd Böblingen Senior Open to win the sixth stop on the 2015 International Seniors Bowling Tour Sunday at Dream-Bowl in Böblingen, Germany.

    It was the second victory this season for Brown who is the all-time ISBT title leader with 13 wins, and it also marked the first career win on the ISBT for Börner.

    The Tour's second visit of the year to Germany attracted an entry list of 73 men and 18 women. The format for the tournament was a single eight-game qualifying block, with unlimited re-entries. For those not able to qualify through the main leaderboard, there were additional opportunities through Turbo games, Early Bird qualification and a Desperado squad.

    Age bonus started at age 51 (1 pin per game), then increased a pin for every additional year of age with no limit. As with all ISBT events, there was a separate division for ladies.

    Bowling started a week before the finals day, with two squads being held. The first squad was comfortably led by local bowler Berny Stöckl with 1869 including age bonus, a 222 scratch average.

    In the ladies division, Vera Stepper had a fine 1587. The second squad saw Wolfgang Gutzmer lead with 1820, just a few pins ahead of Uwe Tscharke, all from Germany.

    Bowling resumed on Wednesday with the top bowlers all being from Germany. In the third squad, Helmut Ulber won with 1847, just two pins ahead of Hermann Wimmer. In the ladies section, Marianne Pelz had a steady 1566. The fourth squad was won by Josef Pail from Austria with 1813. Squad five was won by an even better block by Stöckl of 1928, putting him well into the overall lead. Martina Beckel, Germany, found no problems and hit a convincing 1721 to be well in the lead overall. The last squad of the day was won by Gianni Marchiori, Italy, with 1709, with Marett Schiller, Germany, being top lady on 1602.

    Friday saw two more squads. In the first, Ralf Gräwe, Germany, was top with 1824, with Elke Gräwe being top lady with 1602. In the last squad of the day, Alan Keddie of Scotland found a good line to finish on 1872, just ahead of Reinhold Paitz, Germany. Gisela Insinger, Germany, was top lady on 1540. With just two squads remaining on Saturday, Stöckl led the overall qualification with 1928, just ahead of Werner Prietz, Germany, with Keddie in third. The top ten bowlers would miss the first final round, so the lower ranked bowlers continued to try and improve.

    In the women's division, Beckel led by over 100 pins from Gräwe and Schiller. Only the top eight would be guaranteed a finals place from the overall qualifying list.

    The first squad on Saturday was won by Peter Börding, Germany, with 1863, just ahead of Chris Skudder, England, with 1854. Highest lady was Petra Börding, Germany, with 1594.

    The final squad saw defending champion Carlo Greulich, Germany, ensure top position in the men's qualifying with 1963, ahead of Stöckl and Prietz. Pelz had the highest score of 1765 to top the ladies section, ahead of Beckel and Angie Brown, England.

    The top 10 male qualifiers would miss the early start on Sunday. This squad would be for those in positions 11 to 24, four early bird qualifiers, and two desperado players.

    The desperado squad was held before the players' party on Saturday evening and was contested by 10 men and two ladies.

    In the men's section, fellow Germans Harald Laub and Patrick Reichling both opened up with the first four strikes and looked in command. Les Grant, England, spared the first frame, and then hit five strikes in a row to put himself into contention, supported by a very vocal group of English supporters.

    Grant held on to his slim lead and won the Desperado with 265, with Laub second with 240. In the ladies section, Edith Reichling, Germany, just edged out Petra Richter, Germany.

    The first men's finals round was over four games early on Sunday morning. 22 players were trying to gain a top 14 place into the next round. Uwe Slama, Germany, started well, then hit a fine 300 in his third game to comfortably win the round with 994, ahead of Steven Jeeves, England, and Wolfgang Gutzmer, Germany. Fourteenth and last player into the next round was Dream-Bowl proprietor Werner Knöbl.

    The second final round for the men now included the top ten players from qualifying, with 24 players playing six games to see which eight would advance. Like last year, Carlo Greulich was the top player with 1456, ahead of Ralf Gräwe and Hans Gerold, Germany. Eighth and last player to advance was Chris Skudder with 1326.

    The first women's final round took place at the same time, here eight of the twelve bowlers would advance. Sabine Leutwiler, Switzerland, was top with 1271, just ahead of Angie Brown and Martina Beckel. In eighth place was Christine Prietz, Germany.

    Both the men and women now bowled another three games, with pinfall carrying through, to decide who would go forward to the final eliminator rounds. Greulich was again top, now with 2173. He would be joined in the final rounds by Stöckl, Gräwe and Frank Börner making an all-German final stage. Top lady was Brown with 1911, to be joined by Leutwiler, Beckel and Pelz.

    The final rounds were single-game elimination, all the remaining players played one game, and the lowest was eliminated.

    2015ISBT06GreulichStocklBornerGrawe.jpgFirst to fall in the men's section was Ralf Gräwe. In the next game, Börner clearly led, with Greulich looking safe in second. However Stöckl had a run of strikes to close out the game, and ended up securing second place by 13 pins.

    The final ended up a little one-sided, with Börner running away with an easy 242-184 victory to become champion and secure his first ISBT title. L-R Greulich, Stöckl, Börrner and Gräwe.

    2015ISBT0LeutwilerBrownPelzBeckel.jpgIn the women's section, Leutwiler was the first to fall. The second game saw Beckel and Brown neck and neck, finishing 244 to 240 in favor of the German, with Pelz finishing in third place with a 190 game.

    Throughout the finals, both remaining players had been striking freely, and the last game was no exception. Brown opened up with the first five strikes, while Beckel had a couple of spares before having a run of strikes herself.

    The last few frames were very close, with Brown always remaining a pin or two ahead. Neither player could find the double in the tenth frame for a convincing victory, but Brown held on to win, 242-240, and retain her Böblingen title from 2014, and notch up yet another ISBT title to now total 13 wins. L-R Leutwiler, Brown, Pelz and Beckel.

    The next stop on the 2015 tour is at the Flanders Senior Open at Euro Bowling in Antwerp, Belgium, July 15-19. Full details are available at

    Report and results by Tony Brown.


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    2015 International Seniors Bowling Tour Schedule & Champions


    3rd Böblingen Senior Open - Women's Eliminator Round Finals

    Dream Bowl in Böblingen, Germany (August 31 - September 7, 2014)

    Final Standings:
    1. Angie Brown, England
    2. Martina Beckel, Germany
    3. Marianne Pelz, Germany
    4. Sabine Leutwiler, Switzerland

    Playoff Results:
    Round 1: Pelz (14) 237, Beckel (6) 229, Brown (7) 228, Leutwiler (10) 181; Leutwiler eliminated.
    Round 2: Beckel 244, Brown 240, Pelz 190; Pelz eliminated.
    Round 3: Brown def. Beckel, 242-240.
    Age bonus in parenthesis


    3rd Böblingen Senior Open - Men's Eliminator Round Finals

    Dream Bowl in Böblingen, Germany (August 31 - September 7, 2014)

    Final Standings:
    1. Frank Börner, Germany
    2. Berny Stöckl, Germany
    3. Carlo Greulich, Germany
    4. Ralf Gräwe, Germany

    Playoff Results:
    Round 1: Stöckl (11) 234; Greulich (7) 223, Börner (5) 218, Gräwe (6) 205; Gräwe eliminated.
    Round 2: Börner 253, Stöckl 246, Greulich 233; Greulich eliminated.
    Round 3: Börner def. Stöckl, 242-184.
    Age bonus in parenthesis


    3rd Böblingen Senior Open - Men's Final Round 3

    Top 4 advance to the Eliminator Round Finals.


    3rd Böblingen Senior Open - Women's Final Round 2

    Top 4 advance to the Eliminator Round Finals.


    3rd Böblingen Senior Open - Men's Final Round 2

    Top 8 advance to the third round.


    3rd Böblingen Senior Open - Women's Final Round 1

    Top 8 advance to the second round.


    3rd Böblingen Senior Open - Men's Final Round 1

    Top 14 advance to the second round.


    3rd Böblingen Senior Open - Women's Qualifying Standings

    Top 8 qualifiers plus 2 Early Bird qualifiers (9th & 10th place), 1 Turbo (12th place) and 1 Desperado (17th place) qualifier advance to the finals.


    3rd Böblingen Senior Open - Men's Qualifying Standings

    Top 24 qualifiers plus 4 Early Bird qualifiers (places 25, 27, 29 & 30), 2 Turbo (31st and 35th place) and 2 Desperado (39th and 56th place) qualifiers advance to the finals. Top 10 qualifiers receive one bye.