14 years later, Olympia Lanes to host revival of PBA/PBA50 Doubles Championship


    2015 PBA Tour #14 / 2015 PBA50 Tour #11

    Rising stars to team up with established stars live on PBA's Xtra Frame video-streaming channel

    PBA1958Logo.jpgAfter a 14-year absence, the Professional Bowlers Association's top senior and contemporary stars will converge on Olympia Lanes in Hammond Aug. 5-7 for the Xtra Frame PBA/PBA50 South Shore Doubles Championship.

    The PBA/PBA50 doubles event, last held in Reno, Nev., in 2001, historically gave the rising stars of professional bowling an opportunity to bowl as doubles partners with "senior" players, many of whom had already achieved hall of fame status.

    The revival of the doubles event, hosted by a long-time PBA50 Tour host center, will continue that tradition with many of the PBA's brightest young stars destined to bowl doubles with some of the PBA's most highly-decorated champions, including Hall of Famers Walter Ray Williams Jr., Norm Duke, Pete Weber, Amleto Monacelli, Parker Bohn III, Tom Baker, Johnny Petraglia and others.

    The competition will be covered live from start-to-finish, exclusively on PBA's Xtra Frame online video-streaming service. In the end, both the PBA and PBA50 Tour partners will be rewarded with titles and shares of the projected $20,000 first prize.

    The last staging of the event, called the National Bowling Stadium Senior/Touring Player Doubles, was won by senior partner Rohn Morton and his Touring Player partner, Parker Bohn III. Morton is now 64 and Bohn is now a PBA Hall of Famer with 34 PBA Tour titles, competing on both the PBA and PBA50 Tours.

    In the 14 previous PBA/PBA50 Doubles events, the only players to win a title more than once were New Jersey native Teata Semiz who won in 1986 with Joe Berardi, 1991 with Rick Steelsmith and 1993 with Rich Abboud; PBA Hall of Fame legend Dick Weber, who won in 1989 with Marc McDowell and 1992 with Justin Hromek, and PBA Tour member Rowdy Morrow, who won in 1987 with Mickey Spiezio and 1990 with Hall of Famer Dave Soutar.

    The tournament also is unique in that players have no idea who their partner will be until qualifying is over. This year, after practice and pro-am squads kick off the tournament on Wednesday, Aug. 5, all PBA50 players will bowl their first eight-game qualifying round at 8 a.m. ET, and the PBA Tour players will bowl their first round at 3 p.m. Friday, the squads will be reversed, with the PBA players bowling another eight games at 8 a.m. followed by the PBA50 players at 3 p.m.

    Then, based on 16-game pinfall totals, PBA50 and PBA players will be paired based upon where they qualifying: top No. 1 qualifiers will become partners, the No. 2 qualifiers from each group will be paired together, etc. all the way to the No. 32 qualifiers (based on full fields of 96 in each division). The top eight teams will earn byes through two single-elimination match play rounds, while teams nine through 16 will earn one bye.

    Saturday's finals will begin with best-of-five-game Baker format single-elimination match play for teams qualifying 17th through 32nd place at 8 a.m. In Baker format doubles, each player will bowl five frames to complete a game.

    Round One winners and qualifiers 9-16 will bowl best-of-five matches at 10:30 a.m., with winners joining the top eight qualifiers for the Round of 16 at 2 p.m. The eight survivors will bowl a best-of-three-game round at 4:30, followed by the one-game semifinal round at 7 p.m. and the championship match immediately following.

    For entry information, PBA members and non-members should visit pba.com and look for the PBA/PBA50 South Shore Doubles under the "schedules" tab. The tournament is limited to 100 "standard" and 100 "50-and-older" players on a first-come basis.

    For pro-am entry information, contact Olympia Lanes at (219) 933-6677.


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    14 years later, Olympia Lanes to host revival of PBA/PBA50 Doubles Championship
    2015 PBA Tour Schedule & Champions


    PBA/PBA50 South Shore Doubles

    Olympia Lanes in Hammond, Ind., United States (August 4-7, 2015)

    Wednesday, Aug. 5, 2015
    8 a.m. - PBA50 practice session
    11:30 a.m. - PBA Tour practice session
    2, 4 and 6 p.m. – Pro-Am squads

    Thursday, Aug. 6, 2015
    8 a.m. - PBA50, 8 qualifying games
    3 p.m. – PBA Tour, 8 qualifying games

    Friday, Aug. 7, , 2015
    8 a.m. - PBA Tour, 8 qualifying games
    3 p.m. – PBA50, 8 qualifying games
    Top 32 PBA Tour and top 32 PBA50 players (based on entries) advance to single-elimination match play; teams will be paired based on qualifying positions

    Saturday, Aug. 8, 2015
    8 a.m. – Round of 32: Teams qualifying 17-32, best-of-five games Baker format matches
    10:30 a.m. – Round of 24: Teams qualifying 9-16 plus Round of 32 winners, best-of-five games Baker format matches
    2 p.m. – Round of 16: Team qualifying 1-8 plus Round of 24 winners, best-of-five games Baker format matches
    4:30 p.m. - Round of 8, best-of-three games Baker format matches
    7 p.m. – Semifinal Round, one-game Baker format matches
    Immediately following – Championship match, one-game Baker format


    History of PBA/PBA50 Doubles Champions

    2001 – NBS Senior/National Doubles, Reno, Nev., Rohn Morton/Parker Bohn III
    2000 - NBS Senior/National Doubles, Reno, Nev., Pete Couture/Dave Husted
    1999 - NBS Senior/National Doubles, Reno, Nev., Johnny Petraglia/Jason Hurd
    1996 – Senior/Touring Pro Doubles, East Providence, R.I. , Gene Stus/Eric Forkel
    1993 – Senior/Touring Pro Doubles, O'Fallon, Ill., Teata Semiz/Rich Abboud
    1992 – Senior/Touring Pro Doubles, Belleville, Ill., Dick Weber/Justin Hromek
    1991 - Senior/Touring Pro Doubles, Cheektowaga, N.Y ., Teata Semiz/Rick Steelsmith
    1990 – Senior/Touring Pro Doubles, Cheektowaga, NY., Dave Soutar/Rowdy Morrow
    1989 - Senior/Touring Pro Doubles Championship, Buffalo, N.Y ., Dick Weber/Marc McDowell
    1988 - Senior/Touring Pro Doubles Championship, Cheektowaga, N.Y., Carmen Salvino/Randy Pedersen
    1987 - Kessler Senior/Touring Pro Championship, Green Bay, Wis. , Mickey Spiezio/Rowdy Morrow
    1986 - Columbia Senior/Touring Pro Doubles, Erlanger, Ky. , Teata Semiz /Joe Berardi
    1985 - Columbia Senior/Touring Pro Doubles, Erlanger, Ky. , Les Zikes /Steve Wunderlich
    1984 - Columbia Senior/Touring Pro Doubles Championship, San Antonio, Texas, Louie Blancarte/John Forst