Perfect ending at Men's World Championships, Rivera shoots 300 to win Masters title


    2006 MWC

    Asiad Bowling Center in Busan, Korea (Aug. 27 - Sept. 9, 2006)

     Men's World Championship Masters Finals

    Championship Round:

    Gold: Biboy Rivera, PHI
    Silver: Achim Grabowski, GER
    Bronze: Jason Belmonte, AUS
    and Rhino Page, USA

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    Masters - Championship Match
    #9 Biboy Rivera def. #14 Achim Grabowski, 3-2

    2006MWCMastersAchimGrabowski.jpg Game #1 on long oil: Achim (pictured right) had eight strikes in the first game from frames two through ten but suffered two open frames in the fifth and seventh. He doubled in the 10th to force Biboy to the same … which he did. Biboy opened in the first and sixth frame and had five-bagger in frames 2-6 and a strike in the ninth frame and took a 1-0 lead with a double and a 9-count.

    Game #2 on short oil: The second game was a close one that was decided with the very last shot. Both players had 97 after five frames, when Biboy took a slim lead thanks to a double in frames six and seven. Achim countered with a four-bagger in frames 7-10, for an 11-pin lead after eight frames. Working on a (late) strike, Biboy doubled in the 10th frame, but achim could shut him out with another strike. He missed the headpin and left 1-2-8-10, which he spared, but opened the door for Biboy. Biboy's shot went on the nose but felled nine pins for a two pin victory.

    Game #3 on long oil: Biboy suffered back to back open frames in the fourth and fifth frame when he failed to convert the 6-7-10 split and a wash-out (1-2-4-10). Achim doubled in frames 5-6 and 8-9 (a remarkable strike in the ninth after a headshot, when the 3-6-9-10 combination fell very late) to bag his first win.

    2006MWCMastersBiboyRivera.jpg Game #4 on short oil: Achim started with a spare, then reeled off six consecutive strikes to put the game away well before the final frame. After being up 2-0, Bohn allowed Achim to even the match as he was unable to double before the 10th frame. The only advantage for Biboy is that the decisive game will be played on his favorite pattern. Biboy was allowed to choose the pattern as he was the higher seed (9-14).

    Game #5 on long oil: Biboy Rivera (pictured left) of the Philippines fired the first 300-game in a Masters final at a World Championship to win the title match against Achim Grabowski, Germany, in the decisive fifth game, 300-212. This was the third perfecto of the championships and the 13th of a man in the history of the World Championships.

    Action shots Pictures courtesy of Jin-Gon Go.

    Grabowski and Rivera to bowl for Masters title at Men's World Championships

    2006MWCLogo_white.jpg Germany's Achim Grabowski and Biboy Rivera of the Philippines will battle it out for the Masters title in the Men's World Championship at the Asiad Bowling Center in Busan, Korea. The championship match in best-of-five games format will start at 2pm local time.

    2006MWCAchimGrabowski.jpg 2006MWCRhinoPage.jpg Grabowsk (left), the No. 14 seed (the top 16 of the All Events standings advanced to the Masters finals), defeated No. 2 seed Rhino Page (right), United States, three-games-to-one, to have a shot at his first World Championship title in his career.

    The 40-year-old right-hander, who claimed the European Masters title back in 1993, won the first two games against the lefty from Fresno, Calif., before Page pulled back the deficit to 2-1. The German shut out the American in game #4 with three strikes in the 10th frame for a 3-1 victory.

    2006MWCJasonBelmonte.jpg 2006MWCBiboyRivera.jpg Rivera (left), seeded 9th, went the distance against equally-tough Jason Belmonte and emerged victorious.

    Belmonte (right), the No. 4 seed, lost the first two games, but came back to win games three and four setting up the decisive fifth game.

    Both players had a six-bagger in the decider and an open frame by Belmonte in the fourth finally made the difference. Rivera won 249-230 defeated the Australian, 3-2.

    Belmonte and Page will both receive the bronze medal.

    Masters - Semi-finals
    #2 Rhino Page lost to #14 Achim Grabowski, 1-3
    #4 Jason Belmonte lost to #9 Biboy Rivera, 2-3

    Page, Belmonte, Grabowski, Rivera advance to the Masters semi-finals

    2006MWCLogo_white.jpg Team USA's Rhino Page and Jason Belmonte from Australia swept their opponents in the Masters Round of 8 on Friday morning to advance to the semi-finals Men's World Championship.

    Match play is single-elimination best-of-five games format.

    2006MWCRhinoPage_small.jpg 2006MWCChoiBokEum_small.jpg In a match between two lefties, Page (left) sidelined the last Korean bowler, Choi Bok-Eum (right), winning three-games-to-none. The 23-year-old Singles and All Events silver medalist will meet Achim Grabowski in the semis.

    2006MWCAchimGrabowski_small.jpg 2006MWCRemyOng_small.jpg Multiple German champion Grabowski (left) eliminated Singles and All Events World Champion Remy Ong (right) from Singapore, 3-1. Down 2-0, Ong won game three, 227-188, before dropping the fourth game, 207-201.

    2006MWCJasonBelmonte_small.jpg 2006MWCUSAScottPohl_small.jpg Belmonte (left) shot games of 244, 223 and 245 to cruise to a 3-o victory over the second American among the top 8, Scott Pohl. Pohl (right) had a chance to win the third game with a double in the 10th frame. He got only the first strike to lose, 237-245.

    2006MWCPetriMannonen_small.jpg 2006MWCBiboyRivera_small.jpg The two-handed player from Down Under takes on Biboy Rivera (left), who came back from being down 0-2 to defeat reigning European Masters champion Petri Mannonen (right), Finland, 3-2, including a 267-242 win in game #4.

    Masters Finals - Round of 8
    #1 Remy Ong lost to #14 Achim Grabowski, 1-2
    #2 Rhino Page def. #11 Choi Bok-Eum, 3-0
    #4 Jason Belmonte leads #10 Scott Pohl , 3-0
    #5 Petri Mannonen lost to #9 Biboy Rivera, 2-3

    It's down to eight in the Masters at the Men's World Championship
    2006MWCJasonBelmonte_small.jpg 2006MWCUSAScottPohl_small.jpg Singles and All Events Champion Remy Ong from Singapore, multiple German champion Achim Grabowski, WBW 2005 Player of the Year Jason Belmonte (left), Australia, and Team USA's Scott Pohl (right) made quick work of their opponents, three-games-to-none, to move to the Round of 8 in the Men's World Championship Masters final in Busan, Korea.

    Petri Mannonen from Finland, Choi Bok-Eum from the host country of Korea and Biboy Rivera, Philippines, needed one more game to join the elite club with 3-1 victories each.

    2006MWCMartinLarsen_small.jpg 2006MWCSinglesRhinoPage3_small.jpg The only match that went the distance was the match between Martin Larsen (left) from Sweden, gold medalist in Doubles, and Rhino Page, United States, who won three medals thus far - gold with Team USA and silver in Singles and Doubles.

    Page looked lost out on the lanes as he lost the opening two games to Larsen by 192-219 and 193-235 scores. Page began his comeback with a 226-185 win in game three, and stayed alive in the fourth, winning 213-181 to force a fifth game in which he defeated Larsen, 231-203 to advance.

    2006MWCLogo_small.jpg Masters Finals - Round of 16

    #1 Ong def. #16 Al Shaikh, 3-0; #2 Page def. #15 Larsen, 3-2; #3 Nam-Yi lost to #14 Grabowski, 0-3 #4 Belmonte def. #13 Lintilä, 3-0; #5 Mannonen def. #12 Ameran, 3-1; #6 Hoffman lost to #11 Bok-Eum, 1-3; #7 Walsh lost to #10 Sctt Pohl, 0-3; #8 Jong-In lost to #9 Rivera, 1-3.

    For the game-by-game results click here.