Walter Ray Williams Jr. now is a coach


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    Record-holder among PBA stars to earn USBC Coaching certification

    Walter Ray Williams WRW.jpg It's a supreme understatement to say that Walter Ray Williams Jr. has a long list of accomplishments on his illustrious bowling resume.

    For instance, most bowling fans know that Williams now has surpassed Earl Anthony to become the Professional Bowlers Association's all-time winningest player after capturing the Dydo Japan Cup last Sunday in Tokyo for his 42nd Denny's PBA Tour victory.

    But there's another title that Williams has added to his resume without even rolling a bowling ball: USBC-certified coach. Williams and fellow Denny's PBA Tour exempt bowlers Chris Loschetter (Avon, Ohio), Eugene McCune (Munster, Ind.) and Jim Pratt (Glendale, Ariz.) successfully completed USBC Coaching Level I and Bronze certification recently at USBC Headquarters in Greendale, Wis.

    The group attended classes led by USBC Coaching Certification Manager Cary Pon earlier this month. After the classroom sessions, the bowlers completed the on-lanes portion of the course in the eight-lane USBC Specifications and Certification testing facility.

    "I learned a lot more than I thought I would," said Williams, of Ocala, Fla. "I liked (the material). I would like to take the next classes. When I first came to this (class), I said 'I should probably do this because this is an opportunity.' I don't have plans to do a lot of teaching, but it gives you other insights that I might not have ever thought about."

    Through a progression of training courses, USBC Coaching certifies coaches to teach bowlers. The Level I course introduces the fundamentals of coaching beginning bowlers such as the responsibilities of a coach and the basic four-step approach. The Bronze course is an intermediate level covering such aspects as components of a bowling ball, lane conditions and adjustments, the mental game, videotaping and video analysis and giving a lesson. USBC Coaching also offers Silver and Gold certification.

    Williams was impressed with the comprehensive material included in the Level I and Bronze courses. "It's not just the basic instructional stuff," he said. "They go over legal issues such as insurance, things you don't even think about. And there is lots of good equipment material."

    While Williams certainly knows a thing or two about bowling, understanding how to coach bowlers and knowing how to play the game requires different skills. Williams noted that while several professional bowlers offer coaching lessons, they could enhance their coaching skills by becoming certified through USBC Coaching.

    "I would recommend it to all the pros," Williams said. "They can add a few things to their toolbox to give lessons or clinics. It would help the entire (bowling) industry if all coaches who gave lessons were USBC-certified."

    As part of its visit, the group was given a tour of the USBC Specifications and Certifications testing and research facility by USBC Technical Director Neil Stremmel who demonstrated "Harry" the robotic ball thrower, the Computer Aided Tracking System and other testing equipment.

    Prior to the coaching certification classes, the four were among a group of professionals who participated in a joint USBC-PBA lane oil pattern testing event at AMF Bowlero in suburban Milwaukee.

    Other Denny's PBA Tour players who are USBC-certified coaches include: Del Ballard Jr., North Richland Hills, Texas (Bronze); USBC Sport Bowling spokesperson Chris Barnes, Flower Mound, Texas (Silver); Jeff Carter, Springfield, Ill. (Bronze); Patrick Healey Jr., Flower Mound, Texas (Bronze); Jack Jurek, Lackawanna, N.Y. (Silver); Mika Koivuniemi, Hartland, Mich. (Bronze); Sean Rash, Wichita, Kan. (Level I); Tony Reyes, San Bruno, Calif. (Bronze); and Rick Steelsmith, Wichita, Kan. (Bronze). USBC High School spokesperson Carolyn Dorin-Ballard, North Richland Hills, Texas, USBC Collegiate spokesperson Kim Terrell, Antioch, Calif., and USBC Youth spokesperson Diandra Asbaty, Chicago, are USBC-certified Silver coaches.