Disqualifications at USBC Open Championships due to unreported Sport averages


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    The United States Bowling Congress has disqualified several bowlers from the 2016 USBC Open Championships for bowling in the Classified Division using Sport averages reported as Standard averages.

    As a result of the disqualifications, there is a new Classified All-Events leader for the event held at the National Bowling Stadium in Reno, Nevada.

    2016IBMAGMChadMurphy2.jpg "Average integrity continues to be a serious issue for our sport and USBC is committed to aggressively enforcing our rules in this area," USBC Executive Director Chad Murphy (pictured right) said. "The Open Championships will not tolerate bowlers competing in a lower division due to an unreported Sport-league average or any average manipulation tactic."

    Under USBC Sport Bowling Rule 200(a), leagues are expected to designate as Sport if "conditions bowled on are considered to be of a different variety than what is considered a "Standard" or "house" pattern."

    Any bowler found using an average below the player's ability will be disqualified and may be subject to suspension charges initiated by USBC under USBC Rule 17a, Grounds for Disciplinary Action – Unfair Tactics.

    "When we catch individuals or entire leagues attempting to manipulate the system, those involved will be subject to the most severe penalties available under USBC rules," Murphy said. "USBC encourages continued reports from members and associations about average-integrity issues. Together, we can greatly improve this issue for our sport."

    Under USBC Rule 329, those disqualified may appeal the decision to USBC Headquarters.


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