Bowling Council of Japan combines efforts of Japanese Bowling Organizations



    Tsutomu Takebe elected President

    2006BCPresidentTsutomuTakebe.jpg The initial organizational meeting of the Bowling Council of Japan (BCJ) was held September 25 at Tamachi Hi-Lanes. The BCJ combines the efforts of the Japanese bowling organizations for common purposes beginning Oct. 1, 2006.

    There are many bowling-related organizations in Japan such as the Japan Bowling Congress (JBC), the Japan Professional Bowling Association (JPBA), the Bowling Proprietors' Association of Japan (BPAJ), as well as the Bowling Industry and Commerce (BICA). The national governing body is the Japan Bowling Congress. A cooperation of the leading bowling organizations for common purposes has been expected since a long time.

    Tsutomu Takebe (pictured above), a member of the House of Representatives and a former Chief Secretary of Liberal Democratic Party was elected as the BCJ's first President. He is an OB of Waseda University Bowling Club.

    Kyohei Akagi, President of the Japan Bowling Congress; Ritsuko Nakayama, President of the Japan Professional Bowling Association; President of the Japan Ladies Bowling Club; and Tomohiko Ikeda; President of Bowling Proprietors' Association of Japan; were elected as the three Vice Presidents.

    Representatives of the bowling organizations were elected as the board members. Among them is Junnichiro Yasui, a member of the House of Representatives and a representative of Waseda University OB Society as a 'man of learning and experience'.

    The BCJ will hold the first Board Meeting on December 22 and will establish its policy, budget and projects. The secretariat office was placed in BPAJ office for the time being.
    L-R The newly elected BCJ Board Members:
    Front row: Hiroyuki Ito, Katsuko Sugimoto, Kyohei Akagi, Tomohiko Ikeda and Tsuneo Kaburagi.
    Back row: Hideyuki Sekiguchi, Korekiyo Iijima, Yoshiyuki Takahashi and Masaaki Hashimoto.

    The BJC Board Members are as follows:

    Tsutomu Takebe, a member of the House of Representatives

    Vice Presidents:
    Kyohei Akagi, President of JBC
    Ritsuko Nakayama, President of JPBA and JLBC
    Tomohiko Ikeda, President of BPAJ

    Board Members:
    Hirokazu Kibayashi, Vice President of JBC
    Tsuneo Kaburagi, Vice President of JPBA
    Yoshiaki Takahashi, Vice President of BPAJ
    Hiroyuki Ito, President of JARBA*
    Katsuko Sugimoto, Vice President of JLBC*
    Korekiyo Iijima, Chairman of BICA
    Junnichiro Yasui, a member of the House of Representatives
    Hideyuki Sekiguchi, Daily Sports, Tokyo Office

    Masaaki Hashimoto, Vice Chairman of BICA

    *JARBA: Japan Association of Registered Bowling Alleys

    Report and pictures courtesy of Masahiko Kosugi, Japan Bowling Congress.