Team USA members earn USBC Coaching certifications


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    USBCCoachingLogo.jpg Seven 2007 Team USA members earned USBC Coaching Level I and Bronze certification during a recent session at USBC Headquarters in Greendale, Wis. Team USA members successfully completing the class were: Brenda Viator, Dan Patterson, Tenelle Milligan, Mark Siders, Marcia Kloempken, John Janawicz and Derek Eoff.

    As lead instructor, USBC Manager of Coach Development and Certification Cary Pon taught the classroom and on-lanes sessions Feb. 18-19 for the national amateur team members, who were in Milwaukee competing in the Pan Am Trials.

     USBC Team USA members completed USBC Coaching Level I and Bronze certification recently in Greendale, Wis. Pictured from left: Cary Pon, Brenda Viator, Dan Patterson, Tenelle Milligan, Mark Siders, Marcia Kloempken, John Janawicz, Director of USBC Coaching Bob Maki and Derek Eoff. Click on the image to view it full size.

    USBC Coaching Level I certification introduces individuals to coaching bowling. The course covers teaching basic skills such as the four-step approach, principles including responsibilities of a coach and sports safety.

    Bronze certification prepares people to coach intermediate-level bowlers. The course develops coaching skills in the four essential areas of bowling, including the physical game, lane play, equipment and the mental game. Bowling ball dynamics, videotaping, video analysis and instruction on giving lessons also are covered.

    The athletes' first day consisted of classroom instruction about teaching bowling, what to look for when helping others with their technique and video analysis of other bowlers. The athletes followed up the next day by working with bowlers and giving a lesson using the skills they learned.

    "I found the class to be very valuable," said Team USA member Marcia Kloempken. "I already knew a lot of the information presented in the Bronze class, but I didn't know anything about teaching someone to bowl from scratch. I feel that what I learned during the Level I presentation will be more valuable to me because it can help me coach the beginning bowlers that are members of my high school bowling club."

    Team USA member and USBC Sport Bowling coordinator Derek Eoff said the certification classes enhance his coaching skills with professional techniques and methods.

    "I used to help other bowlers with the skills and knowledge I had from being a bowler," Eoff said. "After taking the class I now have a better understanding of what to look for when helping other bowlers and how to correct any problems."

    "I highly recommend that every high school coach take the Level I certification class," Kloempken said.