Miyagi mows down the field in 1st Asian Girls Bowling Championship



    Shinagawa Prince Hotel Bowling Center in Tokyo, Japan (April 14-15, 2007)

    2007AGCSuzunaMiyagiCheck.jpg Japan's Suzuna Miyagi won five consecutive matches and defeated seven opponents en route to win the DHC Cup 1st Asian Girls Bowling Championship at Shinagawa Prince Hotel Bowling Center in Tokyo, Japan.

    In the championship match, the member of the Japanese national team stunned top-seeded Shalin Zulkifli, 245-199, to earn the title and the 500,000 Yen top prize (approx $4,185).

    The DHC Cup 1st Asian Girls Bowling Championship was co-hosted by the Japan Bowling Congress (JBC) and the Japan Professional Bowling Association (JPBA) and sponsored by the DHC Corporation.

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    35 women from Chinese Taipei, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, and Japan (JBC, JPBA, and sponsor DHC) participated in the inaugural championship to determine the No. 1 female bowler in Asia.

    2007AGCPuttyArmein.jpg The organizer had invited five top bowlers covering their airfare and hotel fee. Among those five were Choi Jin A from Korea, the Women's Masters Champion of the 2006 Asian Games in Doha, Qatar; Esther Cheah from Malaysia, who won two gold and 3 silver medals in the Games, and Putty Armein (left) from Indonesia, the Asia's top-ranked woman in the year 2006.

    2007AGCChoiJinA_small.jpg Unfortunately, Choi suffered an injury to her left leg during practice two days before the competition started. The Korean came to Japan for the press conference (pictured right) but was unable to participate.

    2007AGCAmbassadors.jpg The Malaysian and the Indonesian ambassadors (pictured) attended the championship and they both stayed in the bowling center from the opening ceremony till the award ceremony and enjoyed watching their fellow countrywomen as Zulkifli and Armein reached the TV finals.

    All 35 players bowled six games of qualifying to cut to the top 8, who advanced to the finals.

    2007AGCShalinZulkifli.jpg Shalin Zulkifli (right) finished with 751 for her last three games including a huge 268 in the final game to grab the top seed with 1414 pinfall total and an average of 235.67.

    2007AGCUraraHimeji.jpg JPBA professional Urara Himeji (left) had high games of 256, 266 and 278 but finished with a 181 game which cost her the lead. Himeji finished second, 25 pins behind leader Zulkifli, with 1389.

    Third place belonged to the Asian ranking leader Putty Armein, who shot the high game of the tournament with 288 en route to a 1281 pinfall total.

    2007AGCCherieTan.jpg Rounding out the top 4, who advanced straight to the TV finals was Cherie Tan from Singapore who totaled 1374 including a 265 final game to beat out Japan's Maki Nakano for fourth place by two pins.

    2007AGCShootoutqualifiers.jpg The players seeded 5th through 8th determined the No. 5 seed for the TV finals in a shootout match.

    Above left to right: Joining Maki Nakano in the shootout were her team mates Rie Totsuka (1352) and Suzuna Miyagi (1351). Esther Cheah, Malaysia, took the 8th and final post with 1348 and an average of 224.67.

    2007AGCSuzunaMiyagiaction.jpg The "Miyagi Show" started when Suzuna (left), who generates more revolutions on the ball than most of the men, posted a 223 score to win the shootout against Cheah (211), Nakano (201) and Totsuka (167).

    She then ousted Tan in the opening match of the TV finals, 205-167, and flew past Armein, 228-185, in match two. Suzuna survived a close semi-final match against pro Himeji, 237-225, to bowl tournament leader Zulkifli for the title. She closed out the championship in style, rolling a 245 high game to cruise to the title.

    DHC Cup 1st Asian Girls Bowling Championship

    Shinagawa Prince Hotel Bowling Center in Tokyo, Japan (April 14-15, 2007)

    Championship Round:
    1. Suzuna Miyagi, JBC, 1138 (5 games)
    2. Shalin Zulkifli, Malaysia, 199 (1 game)
    3. Urara Himeji, JPBA, 225 (1 game)
    4. Putty Armein, Indonesia, 185 (1 game)
    5. Cherie Tan, Singapore, 197 (1 game)
    6. Maki Nakano, JBC, 201 (1 game)
    7. Rie Totsuka, JBC, 167 (1 game)
    8. Esther Cheah, Malaysia, 211 (1 game)

    Playoff Results

    DHC Cup - Szandings after Qualifying

    Top four players advanced to the TV finals. Players seeded 5-8 determined the No. 5 seed for the TV finals in a shootout match.