USBC Ambassador Paeng Nepomuceno holds groundbreaking coaching seminar



    2007ESMCPaengNepomuceno_small.jpg Philippine bowling legend Paeng Nepomuceno, who teamed up with the United States Bowling Congress to grow and promote the sport around the world as a USBC certified coach and USBC Ambassador, held his groundbreaking seminar at Paeng's Eastwood Bowl from May 21-23.

    Among the first batch of USBC Bronze Level accredited coaches who successfully completed Paeng's "USBC Certification Seminar for Coaches" was a great mix of national coaches and national youth coaches as well as a member of the Philippine National Team.

    "The different backgrounds of the participants made for a lively exchange of ideas", Paeng reported, "and everyone learned a great deal from the course and from each other."

    The picture was taken after completion of the course. "The following names will now be included in the master list of accredited coaches in the USBC headquarters in Wisconsin," Paeng stated.

     L-R Caloy de Leon - National Team Coach, Rey Reyes - Philippine National Youth Coach, Angelo Constantino - Philippine Junior Bowlers Coach, Irene Garcia - National Team Member, USBC International Bowling Ambassador Paeng Nepomuceno, Gene Tonolete - Philippine National Team Coach, Orlean Batistil - Bong Coo Sports Coach, Waward Coo - Bong Coo Sports Coach, and Botchok Rey - Philippine Junior Bowlers coach.

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