Filipino finds success after attending USBC Level 1 and Bronze seminars



    2007PHIBonnieSolis.jpg Bonnie Solis, a former Philippines national team member and a former national team coach, rolled two 300 games in two different centers in a span of only five days.

    2007ESMCPaengNepomuceno_small.jpg Solis shot the first perfecto in the Monday league at Powerbowl on July 2nd, mere two days after he attended the "USBC Level 1" seminar of Philippine legend Paeng Nepomuceno (pictured right) on June 30th.

    Solis also attended Nepomuceno's "USBC Bronze Level" seminar July 7-8. At the end of day one, Solis found some time to participate in a quarterly tournament at Green Valley Lanes, where he posted another 300 game on July 7th.

    Here is a translation of the interview Solis gave to after he accomplished the rare feat.

    "Thank you so much! Whew! What a lucky day 07-07-07!!! Could it be plain coincidence that my 300 last Monday, July 2 (Powerbowl Monday League) came after I attended Pareng (friend) Paeng's USBC Level 1 Seminar?

    And could it be another coincidence that my 300 last night, July 7 (Green Valley Quarterly) came right after the first day of the Bronze Level Seminar?

    Magaling magturo ang kumpare ko! (He is a good teacher!)

    I heard Pareng Paeng will be scheduling another USBC Coaching seminar sometime in August at E Lanes. Sali na kayo! (So come and join!) I'm telling you guys, it's really worth the US$ you're paying.

    Bowlingdigital will keep you posted about the seminar and whether Solis has rolled another perfecto at E Lanes.