Hays, Corpeño win in U15 Masters at CONCABA CAMBOWL Junior



    Metro Bowl in Guatemala City, Guatemala

    2007CambowlJuniorU15BoysMastersEstevanHays.jpg Mexicans Estevan Hays and Valeria Corpeño won the gold medals in the Under-15 Masters in the CONCABA CAMBOWL Junior at Metro Bowl in Guatemala City, Guatemala.

    In an all-Mexican boys finals, Hays (pictured left) defeated compatriot Mario Herrera, two-games-to-one to win the title. Herrera took the silver medal.

    2007CambowlJuniorU15GirlsMastersValeriaCorpeno.jpg All Events champion Andre Fors, Mexico, the clear favorite for the title, had to settle for bronze after falling 2-1 to Hays in the semis. Fors shared the bronze medal with Jose Leal, Guatemala, who lost to Herrara, 2-1.

    On the girls' side, Corpeño (pictured right) topped No. 1 seed, All Events champion Pamela Monzon, Guatemala, two-games-to one in the title match to earn the coveted gold medal. Monzon earned the silver medal. Bronze went to Pamela Sandoval, Mexico and Nicole Fung, Panama.

    CAMBOWL Junior Boys Sub 15 - Masters Results

    Boys Under 15 Medalists:
    1. Estevan Hays, Mexico
    2. Mario Herrera, Mexico
    3. Andre Fors, Mexico and Jose Leal, Guatemala

    CAMBOWL Junior Girls Sub 15 - Masters Results

    Girls Under 15 Medalists:
    1. Valeria Corpeño, Mexico
    2. Pamela Monzon, Guatemala
    3. Pamela Sandoval, Mexico and Nicole Fung, Panama