Asian Bowling Federation to start a new "Program for Coach Accreditation"


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    ABF President Sheikh Talal will personally launch and sponsor the program in September

    ABFLogo_small.jpg Sheik_Talal_Mohammed_Al-Sabah_4578.jpg Asian Bowling Federation President Sheikh Talal M. Al Sabah of Kuwait (pictured right) has started a new "Program for Coach Accreditation" for the ABF member federations.

    The past seven to eight years, ABF is using a "Coaching Clinic Level I & II Manual" written by renowned bowling coach Sid Allen, Canada. ABF has become the owner of the manual in 2003.

    These Coaching Clinics were conducted by Sid Allen, the then ABF conductor. He was appointed the Chairman of the ABF Joint Technical & Tournament Committee when Sheikh Talal was elected President of ABF in 2004.

    Since Allen's resignation in 2006 due to conflict of interests (Allen was coaching more than one country in Asia and also countries in Europe) the ABF Executive Committee has decided that it was time to update and revamp the Coach Accreditation Program.

    ABF has decided to combine the Level I & II Manual with the Coach Accreditation Program of Tenpin Bowling Australia which has been established for a long time and is very successful as the program combines General Coaching with specific Sport Coaching,

    Sheikh Talal will launch the first Coach Accreditation Program Level II (check out the course content here - pdf file) in September in Hong Kong after the Hong Kong International Open and the ABF Tour - Hong Kong which ends on Sept. 23.

    Sheikh Talal has announced that he will personally sponsor the program by paying all expenses for the course conductors from Australia including the bowling conductor as well as Sports Medicine and Sports Science Conductors.

    Vivien_Fung_4382.jpg We all know that Sports Medicine and Sports Science enhanced the performance of athletes in all kinds of sports. So it is not sufficient just to conduct a Coach Accreditation Course for the sport of bowling", said Hong Kong Tenpin Bowling Congress Chairman president and ABF Honorary Life President Vivien Fung (pictured left), who will host the event.

    "A coach nowadays has to be an all-rounder to be able to train elite athletes. For each federation that sends their officials to take the program, Sheikh Talal will sponsor accommodation for two participants of each federation."

    Participants must be national or ABF certified coaches. The lectures will be conducted in the Olympic House while the SCAA Bowling Center will be used for the practical aspect of the program.