Starting soon: ABF Coach Accreditation Program Level II Course


    Hong Kong

    ABF President Sheikh Talal pays almost everything for the 4-day course Sep. 24-27

    ABFLogo_small.jpg Sheik_Talal_Mohammed_Al-Sabah_4578.jpg As earlier reported, Asian Bowling Federation President Sheikh Talal M. Al Sabah of Kuwait (right) has started a new "Coach Accreditation Program" for the ABF member federations.

    The first Level II Course will be held from September 24 through 27 in Hong Kong after the Hong Kong International Open and the ABF Tour - Hong Kong which ends on Sept. 23. The 4-day course will be conducted by Mike Seymour and Vaughan White from Australia.

    The lectures will be conducted in the Olympic House while the SCAA Bowling Center will be used for the practical aspect of the program.

    Sheikh Talal will personally launch and sponsor the program by paying all expenses for the course conductors from Australia including the bowling conductor as well as Sports Medicine and Sports Science Conductors.

    The participants do not have to pay any entry fee.

    In addition Sheikh Talal will pay each ABF member federation one hotel room free of charge on twin sharing basis.

    Vivien_Fung_4382.jpg The course is open to all those who have some basic knowledge in coaching such as having National certification or ABF certification.

    According to Hong Kong Tenpin Bowling Congress Chairman and ABF Honorary Life President, Vivien Fung (pictured), federations representatives from the Philippines, Macau, China, Korea, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Thailand have already registered.

    ABF/TBA LEVEL TWO COURSE – Course outline


    DAY 1 – September 24

    UNIT ONE – THE ROLE OF THE COACH – 2 hours – presentation room only

    • Coaching pathways and Coaching program structure
    • Identifying the different roles of coaches, administrators and support staff
    • Coaching Philosophy and Strategies
    • Coaching Styles and Characteristics
    • Coaches Code of Ethics
    • Communication
    • Marketing yourself as a Coach

    UNIT TWO – BOWLING TECHNIQUE ONE AND TWO – 6 hours - on and off lanes

    • Coaching the traditional bowler
    • Coach bowlers to maintain a consistent approach, swing and release
    • Apply the science for a bowler’s personal number and lines and angle adjustments
    • Advanced Corrective Drills for the traditional bowler
    • Coaching the Power Bowler
    • Corrective Power Drills
    • 4 and 5 step approach analysis for stroker, tweener and power player
    • How to correct over 100 skill errors
    • Variation of coaching methods


    DAY 2 - September 25

    UNIT THREE – THE MENTAL GAME – presentation and participation – 4 hours

    • The use of Mental Skills specific to tenpin bowling
    • Goal setting that is a realistic fit to life skills
    • Error Recovery and Competition Strategies
    • Importance of Routines
    • Visualisation
    • Relaxation
    • Recognition of athlete burnout
    • Crisis Management
    • Sleeping Tips
    • Tournament Briefing, Debriefing and Recovery

    UNIT FOUR – ADVANCED LANE FUNDAMENTALS – presentation – 4 hours

    • Understanding Bowling Balls and other things
    • Lane Analysis
    • Ball Reaction
    • Creating a bowling ball arsenal for the competitive bowler
    • Kegel Kosi Software
    • Basic Tips for playing the lane conditions of today
    • Lane conditions in the new millennium


    DAY 3 – September 26


    • Coaching remote athletes
    • Team Dynamics and Conflict Management
    • Simulation Training and Team Practice
    • Coaching elite athletes
    • Coaching the Seniors athlete
    • Coaching children and managing children’s behaviour
    • Planning and considerations for each group
    • Coaching athletes with a disability – Inclusion and adapting coaching styles

    UNIT SIX – DUTY OF CARE – presentation - 1 hour

    • Keeping the sport safe
    • Child Protection
    • Policies of your NSO
    • Coaching templates
    • What you should have known vs what you know

    UNIT SEVEN – RULES AND REGULATION - presentation– 1 hour

    • Tournament Rules of today
    • Protect your athletes by education


    Day 4 – September 27


    Day 5 – September 28