Big payday for Jens Nickel in World Tenpin Masters



    Adwick Leisure Center in Doncaster, England

    2005WTMJensNickelChampion.jpg German veteran Jens Nickel was crowned World Tenpin Masters champion as he put in a superb second game performance to take the title from local hero Paul Moor by a huge 96 pin margin.

    Nine successive strikes were enough to put sufficient distance between himself and Moor and the 40 year-old from Bremen fought back the tears as he closed out the match to take the US $30,000 top prize.

    Egged on by an enthusiastic capacity crowd, Nickel performed at the peak of his ability when he needed it the most - a mark of a true champion. For Moor it was a disappointing finish following some stunning wins in the earlier rounds but he struggled in the second game as he delivered his worst score of the tournament.

    Both players started the match well and it was nip and tuck through the first game as they matched each other. Moor eventually carried a 5 pin lead to the halfway stage but it would have been bigger but for a nasty 7-10 split in the final frame.

    Trailing, Nickel opened the second half of the match with a strike and for the first time in the tournament Moor was under pressure. Further strikes from Nickel increased his lead and a 6-7 split for Moor in the sixth frame gave the Yorkshireman a huge uphill battle to fight.

    The German, though had found his mark and strikes in the seventh and eighth sealed Moor's fate. Choking with emotion, Nickel attempted the maximum but with victory in the bag he ran out of steam.

    This was Nickel's second appearance in the Masters following a first round exit in 2000, and following his success he looks a sure bet for Team Europe when the Weber Cup takes place later in the year.

    Afterwards he was clearly enjoying every minute of his success: "It's not about the money, it's about playing in front of a fantastic crowd and having fun because when you get to bowl in this environment you must always have fun.

    "Paul is a fantastic player and he was so consistent and hard to beat. He played well throughout the championship and was a real credit.
    "The fans here though were a big part of my success and hopefully, I'll be back next year to defend my title."

    For Moor it was a disappointing final but the contribution he made to the tournament was immense and a runners-up cheque for US$10,000 was just reward for his efforts.

    Torgersen and Belmonte eliminated in Semifinals

    Giant killer Paul Moor of Hull continued to build up his collection of big name scalps as he sent defending champion Tore Torgersen of Denmark crashing out of the 2005 World Tenpin Masters at the semifinal stage.

    Moor who had earlier disposed of Singapore's Remy Ong and Guy Caminsky of South Africa, looked focused from the start as he stuck to his game plan and concentrated on building up the strikes. The Yorkshireman weighed in with 233 from the first game which established a slim 17 point lead.

    For more though, consistency has been his watchword and he continued in the same vein in game two. Torgersen, suffered equipment problems when his grip came lose in the second game.

    Commented Tore, "It happened in the third frame of the second game when the thumb grip came out when I picked the ball up. I had to use another one after that and I didn't really know what that would do. That's to take nothing away from Paul who bowled superbly throughout."

    Torgersen's misfortune translated to a lowly 164 second game whilst Moor kept up his heavy scoring rate to record a 247 and with it a 100 pin victory.

    In the second semifinal Bremen-based German international Jens Nickel pulled away in the second game to record a huge 90-pin victory over Australia's Jason Belmonte, who was shaping up to the player of the tournament.

    Nickel nosed in front in the first game but with everything to play for he found his form and scored strike after strike to widen the gap. Belmonte by contrast, fell apart as a succession of splits and open frames were his downfall.

    The 40 year-old bowling center manager closed out the game in style to book his final place and set up and Germany vs. England clash with Paul Moor.

    World Tenpin Masters Championship Round

    Adwick Leisure Center in Doncaster, England
    May 6-8, 2005

    1. Jens Nickel, Germany, $30,000
    2. Paul Moor, England, $10,000
    3. Tore Torgersen, Norway, $5,000
    (tie) Jason Belmonte, Australia, $5,000

    Semifinal Match 1:
    Paul Moor, England (233+247) def.
    Tore Torgersen, Norway (216+164), 480-380
    Semifinal Match 2:
    Jens Nickel, Germany (211+257) def.
    Jason Belmonte, Australia (203+175), 468-378

    Championship Match:
    Jens Nickel, Germany (207+278) def.
    Paul Moor, England (212+177), 485-389.

    World Tenpin Masters - Quarterfinal Results
    Losers will receive $2,000

    Quarterfinals - Saturday, May 7, 2005
    Tore Torgersen, Norway (212+210) def.
    Kai Virtanen, Finland (195+196), 421-391

    Quarterfinals - Sunday, May 8, 2005
    Paul Moor, England (248-247) def.
    Guy Caminsky, South Africa (195-200), 495-395
    Jason Belmonte, Australia (253-244) def.
    Tomas Leandersson, Sweden (234-210), 497-444
    Jens Nickel, Germany (203-228) def.
    Phil Scammell, England (222-181), 431-403

    World Tenpin Masters - Round 1 Results
    Losers will receive $1,000

    Session 1 (Matches 1-3) - Friday, May 7, 2005
    Tore Torgersen, Norway (248+241) def.
    Lisa Gardner, England (173+200), 489-373
    Kai Virtanen, Finland (226+254) def.
    Zara Glover, England (192+225), 486-417
    Paul Moor, England (258+163) def.
    Remy Ong, Singapore (244+206), 450-421

    Session 2 (Matches 4-6) - Saturday, May 7, 2005
    Guy Caminski, South Africa (232+213) def.
    Britt Bröndsted, Denmark (256+158), 445-414
    Jason Belmonte, Australia (300+214) def.
    Shalin Zulkifli, Malaysia (202+289), 514-491
    Tomas Leandersson, Sweden (214+216) def.
    Liza Del Rosario, Philippines (211+206), 430-417

    Session 3 (Matches 7-8) - Saturday, May 7, 2005
    Jens Nickel, Germany (219+226) def.
    Caroline Legrange, Canada (208+179), 445-387
    Phil Scammell, England (156+169) def.
    Tim Mack, United States (134+190), 325-324