All but one country set for the 2007 Pan American Games


    American Zone

    Jose_Guandique_5427.jpg Jose Guandique, President of the American Zone, has informed us that he has officially announced the names of 15 of maximum 16 participants for the men's and women's division in the Pan American Games Rio 2007.

    "I have sent the official announcement to the President of Pan American Sports Organization (PASO), Mr. Mario Vasquez Raña and to the President of the Organizing Committee of the Games (CO-RIO), Carlos Arthur Nuzman," wrote Guandique.

    The 15th Pan American Games will be held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, from July 12-29, 2007. CO-RIO is in charge of organizing the Games, including planning and implementation of all activities directly related to Rio 2007 Pan American Games.

    In August 2005, the PASO has announced that bowling was included in the program of the Pan American Games Rio 2007. (Scroll down to read the article.)

    The fifteen countries qualified thus far are (in alphabetical oder):

    Women's Division
    1. Brazil (host country)
    2. Bermuda
    3. Canada
    4. Chile
    5. Colombia
    6. Costa Rica
    7. Dominican Republic
    8. El Salvador
    9. Guatemala
    10. Mexico
    11. Netherlands Antilles
    12. Panama
    13. Puerto Rico
    14. United States of America
    15. Venezuela

    Men's Division
    1. Brazil (host country)
    2. Bahamas
    3. Bermuda
    4. Canada
    5. Colombia
    6. Costa Rica
    7. Dominican Republic
    8. Ecuador
    9. El Alvador
    10. Guatemala
    11. Mexico
    12. Netherlands Antilles
    13. Puerto Rico
    14. United States of America
    15. Venezuela

    Those countries participated in the 2005 American Zone Championships in Costa Rica, which were designated as the qualification for the Pan Am Games Rio 2007. The qualification was based on the country results. Each country will send two man and/or two women.

    The 16th and final spot in each division will be given to the winner of a special tournament to be held later this year.

    ODEPA admits Tenpin Bowling and another four sports in the program of the Pan American Games

    Republished courtesy of the Organizing Committee of the XV Pan American Games Rio 2007 (CO-RIO) - Courtesy of Cesar Maciel

     The Executive Committee of the Pan American Sports Organization (PASO) confirmed masculine indoor football and included bowling, water skiing, skating (artistic and speed) and karate in the program of the Pan American Games Rio 2007.

    "Indoor football enters the program of the Pan American Games Rio 2007 as a non-Olympic sport. We answered an appeal by President Nuzman, but set a 60-day deadline date for FIFA to present a plan for the organization of the discipline in the Games. If that does not happen, the discipline will be excluded", announced the President of the Pan American Sports Organization (PASO), Mexican Mario Vazquez Rana, at the close of the meeting of the Executive Committee of the entity this Sunday, August 28.

    "The commitment I have taken on to take indoor football to the Pan American Games is now a concrete fact. From now on my role will be to facilitate the link between PASO and FIFA", said the President of the Brazilian Olympic Committee (BOC) and the Organizing Committee of the Pan American Games Rio 2007 (CO-RIO), Carlos Arthur Nuzman.

    "Brazil comes out winning here", stated Vazquez Rana, estimating that about 250 athletes will be affected by the inclusion of the five sports. "Now we are going to start studies to define where these non-Olympic disciplines will take place", said Nuzman.

    PASO approved the entry of the five non-Olympic sports, agreeing to two pleas made by the OC-RIO: maintaining the program of Olympic sports with the participation of up to 5 thousand Olympic athletes, and non-payment by the OC-RIO of the airline tickets for the athletes and members of the delegation, delegates and referees of these sports included this Sunday, which should be the responsibility of their international federations and/or their Pan American Sports Confederations. The CO-RIO will be responsible for local transportation, accommodation and meals.

    The Executive Committee of PASO likewise confirmed the change of venue of some sports at RIO 2007, as requested by the OC -RIO. Table tennis has left the Miecimo da Silva Complex in Campo Grande and moved to Riocentro, in Barra. Modern pentathlon, which was to be disputed at the Hipica and Naval School, will now be held at the Deodoro Sports Complex, which will already house field hockey, archery, shooting and equestrian sports competitions.

    With these changes, Riocentro will receive disputes of 10 sports: badminton, boxing, fencing, rhythmic gymnastics, handball, judo, weightlifting, wrestling, taekwondo and table tennis.

    Another decision taken by the Executive Committee of PASO concerned the non-inclusion of slalom canoeing in the Pan American Program. The discipline has never been part of the Games, which creates some uncertainty as to the minimum number of participating countries, besides the high investment for the construction of an installation, which presents no guarantee of use and economic feasibility of utility in the future.

    "This was a decision of the Executive Committee of PASO. It is a very costly discipline", explained Vazquez Rana. With regard to sailing, five Olympic classes were substituted in the program of RIO 2007 by Pan American equivalents: Finn by Sunfish; 49er by Snipe; Star by J-24; Tornado by Hobie Cat 16; and 470 by Lightning. The other Olympic classes were maintained in the program of the Games: Neil Pryde (sail surf), masculine and feminine; Radial Laser (feminine); and Laser (masculine).

    The President of PASO announced that the Governor of the Mexican state of Jalisco, Francisco Ramirez Acuna, confirmed officially the interest of the city of Guadalajara in hosting the Pan American Games in 2011. "Up to now Guadalajara has been the only city to present its candidacy. We are excited and hope that our candidacy wins", said Mexican Vazquez Rana.

    Assembly - With the presence of the President of the International Olympic Committee, Belgian Jacques Rogge, this Monday, August 29, will see the start of the XLIII General Assembly of the Pan American Sports Organization (PASO). The largest Assembly in the history of PASO marks the beginning of preparations for the National Olympic Committees for the Pan American Games Rio 2007, the main topic of the meeting.

    The PASO Assembly is the only event that will gather together the entire Pan American family at the same time in Rio de Janeiro prior to the Pan American Games Rio 2007. The Assembly will bring together about 400 people, counting authorities of the Federal, State and Municipal governments, members of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), members of PASO, Presidents of International Federations, Presidents of Pan American Confederations, Presidents of Brazilian Olympic Confederations and representatives of Organizing Committees, among others.

    Rodrigo Pessoa - Also, at 1 p.m. this Monday, August 29, horseman Rodrigo Pessoa will receive the gold medal for the jumping competition at the Olympic Games in Athens 2004. The medal-awarding ceremony will be held in Copacabana Fort. The award will be given to the horseman by the President of the IOC, Jacques Rogge.

    Paso - Taking advantage of the PASO meeting, on Wednesday August 31, the South American Sports Organization - PASO - will choose the city to host the South American Games in 2006. The election will begin at 2:30 p.m. The candidates are Buenos Aires (Argentina), Cuenca (Ecuador) and Lima (Peru).

    Rio Panam Expo - At the end of the PASO Assembly will be held the second edition of the PANAM EXPO, programmed for September 1-2 in the Gloria Marina. The event will bring together sports authorities from all over the world, investors, internationally renowned experts and Brazilian government authorities, together with representatives of the OC-RIO.

    Program of the Pan American Games Rio 2007:
    Athletics, Badminton, Basketball, Baseball, Boxing, Canoeing (speed), Cycling (Road, Mountain Bike and Track), Fencing, Water Sports (Swimming, Synchronized Swimming, Water Polo and Diving), Football, Gymnastics (Artistic, Rhythmic and Acrobatic Trampoline), Handball, Equestrian (Dressage, Complete Competition and Jumping), Field Hockey, Judo, Weightlifting, Wrestling, Modern Pentathlon, Rowing, Softball, Taekwondo, Tennis, Table Tennis, Archery, Shooting, Triathlon, Sailing and Volleyball (Beach Volleyball).

    Disciplines that entered the program:
    Bowling, Water Skiing, Indoor Football, Karate and Skating (artistic And Speed).