Germany beats Colombia to win the gold medal in WYC Girls Doubles


    2008 World Youth Championships

    Colombia's Restrepo moves to the top in All Events after 12/18 games

    2008WYCGirlsDoublesPopplerHulsch.jpg Tina Hulsch and Birgit Pöppler (r-l) from Germany rolled two big games in the finals of the Girls Doubles event en route to win the gold medal in the 10th World Youth Championships.

    2008WYCGirlsDoublesFonnegraGomezRestrepo.jpg In the title match, the Germans, seeded fourth after the six-game preliminaries, defeated Laura Fonnegra and Rocio Restrepo (l-r, with USBC Silver level coach Andres Gomez) from Colombia, 464-393.

    2008WYCRocioRestrepo2_small.jpg It was the second defeat in a title match for Restrepo, who won also silver in Singles yesterday. Restrepo (left) overtook the lead in All Events after two or three disciplines with 2640 12-game total and an average of 220.00 over 12 games.

    2008WYCGirlsDoublesBronzeMEXKOR.jpg In the semi-finals, the Colombians survived a strong challenge from Lee Hye Mi/Lee Yeon Ji, Korea, 418-413. Germany ousted top seeded Mexicans Sandra Gongora/Daniela Alvarado, 442-389. The Mexicans (left) and Koreans (right) shared the bronze medal.

    With the defeat, the tournament leaders are 0-3 in finals of the World Youth Championships, which are contested for the first time in a new format: six games preliminaries and a one-game final of the top 4.

    The Germans, who wouldn't have won any medal under normal conditions, used the opportunity to win gold, while the tournament leader fell to third and received bronze.

    And it was not a TV director in Orlando, who has asked for this format. There was no TV, neither in Singles nor in Doubles. The decision was made by the members of the WTBA congress in Monterrey 2007.

    10th World Youth Championships - Girls Singles

    Championship Round:
    1. Tina Hulsch/Birgit Pöppler, Germany
    2. Laura Fonnegra/Rocio Restrepo, Lombia
    3. Sandra Gongora/Daniela Alvarado, Mexico and Lee Hye Mi/Lee Yeon Ji, Korea

    Match 1: #4 Germany (Hulsch 217/Pöppler 225) def.
    #1 Mexico (Gongora 178/Alvarado 211), 442-389
    Match 2: #2 Colombia (Fonnegra 194/Restrepo 224) def.
    #3 Korea (Hye Mi 214//Yeon Ji 199), 418-413.

    Title Match:
    #4 Germany (Hulsch 248/Pöppler 216) def.
    #2 Colombia (Fonnegra 178/Restrepo 215), 464-393.

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    All Events after 12 games

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