England and Sweden, 1, 2 in Boys Doubles after record performance


    2008 World Youth Championships

    Barrett also shatters individual record for six games with 249 average

    2008WYCDominicBarrettMattHann.jpg Singles champion Dominic Barrett teamed with Matt Hann (l-r) to lead the first squad of the Boys Doubles competition on short oil with 2790 pins, a 232.50 average, to break the previous record set by Korea in the year 2000 (2,685) by 105 pins.

    The English tandem came out of the gates quickly with games of 481, 496 and 525 for 1502 (over 250 in average) and added 403, 465 and 420. 

    Barrett shattered the championship record for individual six games held by Saeed Al-Hajri, Qatar, since 1992 with 1399. The right hander had games of 255, 257, 278 (790), 202, 277 and 225 (704) for 1494 pinfall total and an average of 249.00.

    2008WYCKimBollebyJamesGruffman.jpg Kim Bolleby and James Gruffman (l-r) from Sweden also broke the previous championship record with 2735 and an average of 227.92. Gruffman led the way with 1393 and Bolleby, Son of past World Champion Ulf Bolleby, contributed 1342.

    The second duo from England, Sean Croke and Richard Teece, secured the third place in squad 1 with 1621 and an average of 218.42. Teece struck in his final three frames to beat out Michael Kok and Nick Plummen, sons of long time Dutch internationals Erik Kok and Ton Plummen, by nine pins.

    Kok/Plummen finished with 2612 (217,67) to grab fourth place, just three pins ahead of Xavier Lotthe/Michaud Emmanuel, France (2609) and 12 pins ahead of Ben Coupland/Stephen Cowland, Australia (2600), who had to settle for fifth and sixth place, respectively.

    The second and final squad started at 12.30 p.m. at Boardwalk Entertainment Bowl in Orlando, Fla., The top 4 doubles (combined standings of squads 1 and 2) will advance to the finals scheduled for 5 p.m. this afternoon. No. 1 bowls No. 4, No. 2 meets No. 3 in a one-game semi-final. The winners bowl for gold and silver in another one-game match, while the losers share the bronze medal.

    Boys Doubles - 6 games on short oil (Squad 1 only)