Silver Level Seminar concludes six-day coaching conference in Singapore



     Filipino bowling legend Paeng Nepomuceno USBC certified coach and International Ambassador for Bowling, concluded the last part of his second Tri-Level seminar for 2008 certifying fifteen coaches from Singapore, Indonesia and Brunei.

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    The three-day Silver Level Seminar, Paeng's third of the year 2008, was held from August 17-19, 2008 at the Singapore Polytechnic Graduates' Guild and followed a Level 1 and Bronze Level Coaching accreditation seminar also conducted by the Hall-of-Famer, who has amassed 118 career titles worldwide.

    The newly-minted Silver Level coaches, the first batch for Singapore, who passed with flying colors are: Aloysius Pek, Edward Lau, Michael Wong, Jimmy Yeo, Jimmy Lee, Vincent Lim, Yeo Soo Yong, Daniel Chang, William Tay, Sandra Sageran, Simon Yio, Ak Mohd Aizat, Singgih Goenawan, Richard Koh and Richard Chin.

    "There was a great exchange of opinions and observations as most if not all of the coaches have been actively coaching for the past few years either in schools or giving private lessons," Paeng said. "It is gratifying to be told that the participants were happy with how technical the Silver Seminar is and how it will enhance their coaching and benefit their students."

    Earlier in the week, Paeng, who holds three Guinness Book World records, certified 10 Level 1 coaches and 13 Bronze Level coaches. The current batch of Silver Coaches took their Level 1 and Bronze Level accreditation with Paeng last year. One year of active coaching at Bronze Level is a pre-requisite to taking the Silver Level Seminar.

    The Singapore Polytechnic Graduates' Guild is a state-of-the-art sports club complex which was built by graduates of Singapore Polytechnic University. Besides a bowling center it boasts a huge swimming pool, a modern physical fitness gym, conference rooms, tennis courts and restaurants.

    The coaches Nepomuceno trains and certifies through the USBC program will develop bowlers in the region, some of whom could become top-level competitors.

    Paeng's training is part of the USBC effort to create an international coach training program and bolster the strength of federations within bowling's world governing body, the Federation Internationale des Quilleurs (FIQ).

    As part of that international strategy, USBC also plans to develop more online coach training with the overall goal to expand USBC's reach globally through information and education. All this is in line with the continued efforts of USBC to secure a spot for the sport of bowling in the Olympics.