On-site adjustment of the oil pattern for 1st Senior Pan American Championships 2008


    Dominican Republic

    Cibao Bowling Center in Santiago de los Caballeros, Dominican Republic (Sep. 6-14, 2008)

    JoseGuandique_small.jpg PABCONLogo.jpg Jose A. Guandique (right), President of the Pan American Bowling Confederation (PABCON) has announced on-site adjustments of the conditioning patterns previously published for the 1st Senior Pan American Championships 2008 which will start Cibao Bowling Center in Santiago de los Caballeros, Dominican Republic on Sunday, September 7.

    "In bowling modern environment there are many variables and changes that need to be considered at the moment to build a conditioning pattern for a competence," Guandique said.

    "These variables, among which they emphasize lane topography, temperature, humidity, type and state of the surface of the lane etc., vary from place to place, affecting tremendously the quality of the conditioning and changing the objectives intended when the pattern was designed.

    2008 PABCON Senior Championships - short oil pattern (35 feet)

    2008 PABCON Senior Championships - long oil pattern (43 feet)

    "KEGEL and PABCON, in its eagerness to offer to the American bowlers the best and more just conditions of competence considers necessary to have the option to do "on-site" adjustments to the conditioning pattern previously published , if considered necessary to guarantee the compliance of the standards established."

    2008KegelDelWarren.jpg For more information KEGEL and PABCON are glad to invite you to the advanced "Seminar on Lane Play" that will be held by 2-time PBA champion and USBC gold level coach Del Warren (pictured) on September 7, 2008, in the Cibao Bowling Center.

    This seminar, which will be held in English and Spanish, is free of charge for all persons (bowlers, coaches, delegates and leaders) involved in the Pan American Senior Championships.

    Jose A. Guandique - [email protected]
    Manuel Fernandez - [email protected]
    Eric Lanuza - [email protected]

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