United States and Venezuela win the Trios event at PABCON Senior Championships


    Dominican Republic

    Cibao Bowling Center in Santiago de los Caballeros, Dominican Republic (Sep. 6-14, 2008)

    2008PABCONSCLogo.jpg The men's team from the United States and the women's team from Venezuela earned the gold medals in the Trios event in the 2008 PABCON Senior Championships at Cibao Bowling Center in Santiago de los Caballeros, Dominican Republic.

    Other than in normal course of trios play, each team consisting of four players was allowed to replace a player after the first three-game block and all four players from the top 3 trios received a medal.

    2008PSTriosUnitedStates.jpg Edward Roberts, Harry Mickelson, Phil Prieto and Rudy Moreno, won the first gold medal for the United States in this championships thanks to a strong finish. Roberts (721), Mickelson (598) and Moreno (701) had 654, 670 and 696 in the final 3-game block, a 224.44 average, to capture the title with 3815 pinfall total and an average of 211.94.

    L-R Rudy Moreno, Harry Mickelson Edward Roberts and Phil Prieto.

    Mexicans Agustin Camarillo Alva, Alfonso Rodriguez Saavedra, Juan Guillermo Lopez Gonzalez and Rigoberto Fernandez, who averaged 229.22 over the first three games to lead the Americans by 268 pins, had to settle for second place with 3772 (209.56).

    Bronze went to Atilio Garcia, Mike Aguilar, Noe Rivera and Ronaldo Gabriel from Guatemala, who totaled 3568 pins. The host country with Arnaldo Mercado, Hilton Nuñez, Julio Goris, and Victor Richards Sr. finished fourth with 3487.

    2008PSTriosVenezuela.jpg On the women's side, Ivette Gonzalez, Milda Dos Ramos, Suzanne Algernon and Trina Andrade from Venezuela averaged 179.72 and felled 3235 pins to claim the second gold medal for Venezuela after Dos Ramos and Algernon won the Doubles title.

    L-R Ivette Gonzalez, Milda Dos Ramos, Suzanne Algernon and Trina Andrade.

    Elsa Gonzalez, Fransuesa Sacre, Guadalupe Garza and Ma. Eugenia Ambrosi, Mexico, landed in second place with 3196. Ashie Gonzalez, Edna Marcial, Myrna Flores and Vivian Noble, Puerto Rico, secured the bronze medal with 3181.

    Carmen Checo, Demaris Almonte, Liliana Sebelen and Marina Mendez, from the Dominican Republic finished fourth with 2841.

    All players will return to the 24-laner on Friday for the Team event. 10 countries - Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico, Panamá, Puerto Rico, Uruguay, United States, Venezuela and the Dominican Republic - with maximum four men and four women will compete in Singles, Doubles, Trios and four-player Team event (six games each) from Sep. 9-12.

    The 2008 PABCON Senior Championships will conclude on Saturday, Sep. 13, with the men's and women's Masters finals.

    2008 PABCON Senior Championships

    2008 PABCON Senior Championships - Men's Trios

    2008 PABCON Senior Championships - Women's Trios